How To Communicate With God

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Your relationship with God can begin a better life for you if you take the tips given here. Learn some ideas of how to communicate with God.

How To Communicate With God

Becoming an expert in religion is not a requirement of communicating with God. Here are some thoughts and ideas that have developed within me that might help you in your interaction with God. I have read the entire Bible and know church terms expertly as a minister’s son. This gives me knowledge but I am no scholar. God created all people equally so your relationship to God is equal to that of any proclaimed scholar.

Find Your God Spot

Prayer is the primary way to talk with God. It can be verbal or silent. You have probably just looked at a close spouse or friend and communicated without words. That is truly a close connection. Your exchange with God can be the same. Close contact reflects love, peace, and consultation without words.

I have a special place in my backyard where I really feel the presence of God. This beautiful area is my God spot. When I go there we connect instantly like a satellite dish hits the beam from space. Your special place may be church, in nature, or even a quiet bathroom away from others.

Believe and Receive

The busy computer age seems to have drawn people away from God. My spiritual beliefs are more believable because of technology. I used to wonder how God could listen to thousands of prayers at once. Huge servers that interact with a multitude of computer users stop my doubts about that.

Some folks think their connection with the Supreme Being is superior to yours. Loud prayers and intimidating worship may impress them. Perhaps if these people realized that God gave us only one mouth and two ears for a reason they would listen and receive more. A quiet spirit of unspoken words sometimes transmits stronger than a noisy prayer.

Input and Connect

Take the information given here plus do a search about prayer on your computer. Our information age makes it easy to gather input to load into your brain. Develop ideas that work for you. Being thankful is one great way to begin a prayer life. Go to a church or organization for guidance. Read the Bible and put some effort in your walk with God.

Find your God spot and make a direct connection today. Enjoy some great conversation or peaceful silence. No special equipment or installation is required. You do not have to climb a rooftop or kneel in a cave. Just believe, receive, and connect to start having a better life.


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4th Jul 2014 (#)

Amen to that, prayer brings the day alive.

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