How Can Adolescents Grow Into Responsible Adults?

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How Can Adolescents Grow Into Responsible Adults? Learn some ways to teach your children how to succeed in life.


Despite all of the problems we face in the world today, from political corruption, collapsing economies and growing violence, I believe one of the biggest problems we are facing is the lack of the ability to take responsibility of one's actions. No matter where you turn these days, there always seems to be someone that has an excuse for what they did or is quick to put the blame on someone else. It wasn't always like this, so what has changed?

In the past, children were generally raised with a tighter grip than they are today. If you disrespected an elder or didn't do what you were told, then there were consequences that had to be faced. In today's society, this is almost impossible as any form of discipline on your children could be misconstrued from others as abuse. Because of that, many of our children are growing up without the ability to take responsibility of their own actions, which leads to many larger problems down the line.

There are still ways that we can help our children learn a sense of responsibility though, and perhaps the best time to teach that is during adolescence so that they will have an easier transition into adulthood.

One way of assigning responsibility to our adolescents is by forcing them to obtain a job. It doesn't necessarily need to be an actual job, in my case my mother made me do all of the yard work around the house. I was expected to do certain things every week and if I did them then I would be paid an allowance. If I didn't do them, then I wouldn't be allowed to go out with my friends for a week. While at the time I thought this was entirely unfair, it taught me that there are consequences for my actions and by doing what was expected of me I would be rewarded.

The same mentality needs to be transferred over towards school as well. While I was always pushed to excel growing up, in high school my mother made it clear to me that if I wanted to do well in life and get into a good college, that I needed to do well in school. As I got into my Junior and Senior years, she backed off on me somewhat, and by that time I knew that by not doing well in school I would only be hurting myself so I had learned how to take responsibility for my education.

Perhaps the worst thing that a child can do to a parent is lie about something that they have done. If this is to ever occur, there definitely needs to be something done by the parent as lying is not only deceitful, but it is also not taking responsibility for one's actions.

While there are many more examples of how to teach our youth responsibility, the only way that it will succeed is if the parent is willing to put their time and effort into their children's future and well being. Sadly, this is not the case with many parents today as many are too caught up with their own lives and their children are left to fend for themselves. The cycle needs to stop if the world is ever going to get better. We can do our best and hope that everyone else will follow suit and do the same.


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