Homesickness: In My Own Perspective

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We always tend to find the comfort of our home. However, we should know how to cope up with homesickness in order to move on with our endeavors.

Homesickness is for those who have a hard time coping up.

When I was 14, I lived alone for two years 100 meters away from my parent’s house because I do not want them to decide on what I have to do. I wanted to be independent, away from the pressures of the responsibility left by my older sister when she left home.

From the moment I left home for college at 16, I was quite unfamiliar of the city life. There were even times that I wished life here was simpler like my hometown, where people do not have to have money in their pockets if they plan to go elsewhere, where people do not have to keep track of the time if it is getting late because there are lots of bad guys out there and where I can enjoy the real scent of pine and real oxygen is abundant and carbon dioxide is minimal. However, my sentiments are not quite a big issue to deal with. I coped up and moved on.

In my own point of view, one underlying principle why people are being homesick is that they do not want to leave their comfort zones. Come on. Nothing lasts forever. Before something is gone we should anticipate their loss. Even LOVE which makes a home will not last forever. That is reality. There is no such thing as “happy ever after” or “happy for a lifetime.” There will be a point in time where we experience a “not so happy state.”
Sooner the people we love will leave us. Before the time comes, we have to learn how to use our wings and fly.

In my own perspective, homesickness, especially chronic homesickness is a waterloo for those who do not want to leave their comfort zones, those who do not want to leave their nests and learn to fly; and those who do not use their net to catch their own fish. In short, those who have short backbones or worse those who do not have backbones at all
like invertebrates which tend to hide themselves in their homes when they sense danger. Their shells hide their fragility, their sensitivity, their vulnerability and their limitations.

For people who have great similarities with invertebrates, their favorite line is “My mother says..,” “My mother didn’t allow me..,” or “I’ll tell my mother first.” Come on. At our age, our backbones are not fragile anymore. We have enough calcium deposited in our bones and we no longer need calcium from our mother’s milk. By the way, their DNA might be present in our cells, still, we have our own brains and we can think for ourselves.

We should learn how to adapt and be familiar in the environment where we are living in order to move on with our lives. Where we have been doesn't define where we are going to be. We may look back to where we came from, miss the atmosphere of where we came from but what matters more is where we are now and how far can we reach to be on our edge.


Home Sickness

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10th Nov 2011 (#)

A good reflection article with literal equipped facts of scientific writings... I think I have my own homesickness and I should be aware of it...

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