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The pros and cons of homeschooling compared to more traditional methods of schooling.

At Home Or In School

There are numerous reasons that parents choose homeschooling over government public schooling and there are also quite a few fears involved with homeschooling. If your children will not listen to you or if you think your relationship with your children is a little strained then homeschooling could well be the answer.

A lot of you may well turn up your nose at the last statement but it really does work! If you think you do not get on with your children then why would you want to run away from the problem - if discipline is needed then discipline is what you should serve. I know this is hard at times, I do not play the 'bad cop' well with my son and sort of leave it at times to his mother. loving parents need to embrace opportunities to teach and train their children to be respectful and obedient

Homeschooling provides parents with the opportunity to have heart to heart moments with your children instead of just dishing out various punishments for bad behavior. Simply expecting a teacher to sort out any problems with your children should not really be an option - it should be up to you.

A lot of parents may well of struggled in school themselves ( I know I did at a few subjects ) and this may well put them off the idea of homeschooling. Because of this they may feel that they are not clever enough to teach their children but this is not the case. Even parents that dropped out of high school have successfully homeschooled their children all through high school. Parents who did not have a good school career are often able to fill in the 'gaps' in their own education as they progress through various concepts with their children.

Another worry for parents who are looking to venture into homeschooling is the cost of the whole process. This should not really be a worry though. With the popularity of the internet it is possible to pick up or find various free or low cost resources for use in homeschooling. At the very worst, you can limit yourself to spend the same amount as it would cost to have your children attend school. But remember if you are homeschooling you will not have to pick up the bill for expensive school uniforms and games kits.

Homeschooling is not for everyone as the statistics show. Personally, I do not favor either public schooling or homeschooling as they both have advantages and disadvantages. The choice at the end of the day must be with the individual parent.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th Mar 2012 (#)

We homeschooled our two boys. There are many benefits. They aren't pulled into the peer pressure thing, for one. But there are many other good reasons as well. School forces conformity. It demands: "Shut up, sit down, pay attention" - and even "don't ask questions." The bell rings, you get up and go there. The bell rings again, you get up and go somewhere else. It's insane. I wrotean article forwikinut several months ago called "Consider Homeschooling your children."

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author avatar C J Evans
5th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks for your extra advice on the subject Steve - I will look for your article!

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