Hoarding: Infiltrating Filth

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This article is about the dreaded psychosis of hoarding and it's affects on the sufferer coupled with health risks and physical dangers

Extreme Hoarding: Infiltrating Filth

There is a show called "Hoarding: Buried Alive" where people whom suffer from the social misfitted disease of "obsessive/compulsive disorder" that causes the hoarding complex. This program follows the sufferers throughout their homes and broadcasts to the world the debilitating mindset of the person(s) and the physically hazardous environment(s) they live in. Some of the hoarders are very aware of their behavior and actually feel 'attached' to the mounds of inanimate objects they collect. Others loathe the obsession but are reluctant to break free from the 'normalcy' of the trash that abounds. These people are generally unorganized and ignorant of the absolute clutter and often times subsequent filth that engulfs the home. It is horrendous and at the same time heart breaking to see such conditions these people willfully live under.

Psychiatrists and psychologists suggest this type of behavior stems from a 'void' the victim attempts to fill by buying and storing overwhelming amounts of stuff. I would further suggest that this society has constantly bombarded the public with the concept of consumption. Couple that with a mental disorder such as hoarding and you have a recipe for an accumulating dysfunction. I for one am a metal type personality (according to the 'chi' elements) which is one of order and uniformity. I can not stand clutter and disorder and the family members of these hoarding sufferers generally don't either. On the show, the hoarder is forced or in some cases relents and faces his/her problem and with the help of family and the show's producers attempt to resolve the hoarding situation.

Probably the worst type of hoarders are the ones whom collect animals as well as junk. In this situation, the hoarders have multiple pets and sometimes of different varieties but don't attend to the animals' routine care other than feeding them. There are many stories on the news of people with a house full of pets in which feces, urine and other excrements of the animals are literally wall to wall. Feces and urine when breaking down emits noxious odors that can cause respiratory problems in humans and constant, long term exposure to the fumes can possibly be fatal. These animal infested conditions are great breeding grounds for rodents, ants, roaches and other critters of clutter and waste. Code enforcers and animal control agencies are called out to such residents and a seizure of all the animals are made. The property, if unable to be cleaned up of the hazardous waste is deemed 'uninhabitable' by the governing municipalities.

The physical aspect of hoarding alone is a hazard, whereas stockpiled goods could fall and injure or kill the hoarder or other family members whom may be present in the house. There is a show called "1000 Ways To Die" in which a hoarder of vhs tapes was literally crushed by the many boxes of stored tapes that fell on him. There is a difference between being 'a little sloppy' and being down right nasty. I have family members whoms homes are cluttered and it's my obsessive/compulsive disorder to want to clean up the mess. My spouse claims because I like to clean that I am indeed obsessive/compulsive; however, I would rather be obsessive about cleaning than cluttering.


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