History and Facts about the Friendship Day.

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Friendship day is the most widely celebrated day in the world. But do you know the history of friendship day ? Do you know who started this tradition? Know everything about friendship day.

About Friendship Day.

Friendship day a day when we celebrated the most precious relationship in our life that is Friendship. The Very first International Friendship day was declared by General Assembly of U.N(United Nations) on 30 July 1958. In Canada and United States, friendship day is celebrated on July 30th every year. In India and other asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of the month August.

History of Friendship Day

Let's begin with story of Friendship day. The thinking behind Friendship day was primary given by Artemio Bracho during dinner party together with his friends upon 20th July 1958. After that, at the time of announcement of United States Of America Congress, first time Friendship day was celebrated on July 30, 1958. Following that United Nations also joined for this event and slowly it spread internationally.

Facts about Friendship Day

Below are some interesting facts about friendship day.
Friendship Day was first publicized by Joyce Hall in 1919, and was celebrated on first sunday of august.
The concept of a World Friendship Day was initially suggested on 20 July 1958 by Dr. Artemio Bracho during a dinner with friends in Puerto Pinasco.
On 27 April 2011 the General Assembly of the United Nation declared 30th July as official International Friendship Day.

In some asian countries Friendship day is celebrated on first sunday of August, but traditionally there is no fix date yet for Friendship day.
Winnie – The Pooh a famous cartoon character was World’s Friendship Ambassador in year 1997.
Friendship day trend was initially started by Greeting cards industries.
In Mahabharata(epic of ancient India), friendship day was celebrated in province of Ayodhya, when Lord Krishna’s Friend “Sudama” reached his kingdom after very long and painful journey.
A popular custom include giving pink and yellow roses to your friends who’ve been there when you needed them.

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