Hip Hop Through the Seasons- Fun and Development for Children

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Help children grow, develop and learn through use of creative hip hop songs and the accompanying body movements and actions! Help children learn many of the educational skills necessary to enhance reading readiness, math and other curricula areas. Making the songs realistic and meaningful can enhance the child's interest in the educational enhancement and learning opportunities!

Rapping Through the Seasons

It's that time again when many young people begin to think about the words, lyrics and movements that many call hip-hop. some still prefer to say, "let's just rap." But all in all, regardless of the season, it is so much fun to think about words, their meanings, the various sounds that can be made to make the creation uniquely yours.
The artists and creators of these wonderful musical and movement styles make for a unique time of learning for people of all ages. As it has often be referenced in years past and gone, "music is good for the heart and soul."

It has never been known that people only listen to music during specific seasons. If we did have a choice of which season we would choose to listen to music, each one of us would give differing views as to our "Most Musically-inclined Season." So with that in mind, which season would you choose for your musical talents and skills to be utilized?

All Spring Hip Hoppers- Are You Ready?

For all of you who would choose spring as your most musically inclined time, let's get ready for the challenge!
1) Are we going to get all of our lagging winter-time muscles, loose and moving?
2) Are we going to sing and dance with the change in the crops- foods that now are in season that were not in season before?
3) Are we going to get ready to plant our seeds? Begin growing new roots and prepare for the great summer months ahead?

Hip Hop in the Spring
Hip, hop, hip hop, hip hop into the spring
Hip, hop, hip hop, let's see what the movements bring
Hip, hop, hip, hop, let's see what the freedom bells ring
Hip, hop, hip, hop, let's see what our voices do sing!
Come on, let's hip hop into spring!

Are You Ready Hip Hop Into the Summer?

Summer is a time that we all look forward to- even when we say it is way too hot! But we look forward to being able to get outside, move around more, tend to our gardens, go swimming, to the beach, to the park, to the gym, playing outside sports and of course, sharing in outside picnics measure as a big hit! So wow this seems like a great season for making hip hop one of the greatest seasons for us to share our musical talents, skills and hip hopping environmental characteristics! Well, how about the softball, basketball, soccer ball, tennis ball, table tennis or tennis ball, racquetball, or creatively-made balls, they all can help us get into a rhythmic beat without thinking of it too much! So let's try
Hip hop, hip, hop, let's play ball
Hip hop, hip, hop, its your hoppin' call
Hip hop, hip, hop- throw the ball
Hip hop, hip, hop, catch the ball
Hip hop, hip, hop, kick the ball
Hip hop, hip, hop, bat the ball
Hip hop, hip, hop it's your ball call!

Are You Ready to Hip Hop Into the Winter?

Ready or not, here it comes. Winter has a way of sneaking up on us- often without a warning! First all of the leaves change colors and they are so beautiful in Iowa. Then after their beautiful array, they leave us by falling to the ground! Pretty soon the leaves look like they have been swept by a storm, only to need to be raked up and put away. Then the temperatures start to fall, drop-by-drop and day-by-day! Wow, everyone patiently begin thinking about and awaiting the first snow fall! Snowflakes fall and then we really believe that it is truly winter time! So let's see what the winter has to say about our musical talents, skills and inclinations!

Hip hop, steps getting a little slower,
Hip hop, rhythmic patterns change from the mower
Hip hop, leaves fallen and gone a whirling!
Hip hop, thump, thump, thumb, snowdrops fallin
Hip hop, squish, squish, wishing you the best for ballin
Hip hop, bounce, bounce, bounce all for the tallin'
Happy Winter!

Are You Ready- Hip Hop Into the Fall?

OH wow, so many people express the fact that fall is their favorite time of year. Of course each individual person may cite different reasons as to why. Some say it depends on where you live. This is based on the fact that scenery may be so beautiful in different parts of the United States. Those who live in the midwest often take pride in sharing about the changing colors of the leaves from green to orange, hello, red and brown. Many people quickly get their cameras to take some beautiful pictures before they fall to the ground.

Teachers excitedly find many ways of using the leaves as they fall from the trees as a part of their curriculum. Children make leave prints, crayon rubbings, waxed paper coverings, leaf paintings, leaf collages and more!

Hip, hop, hip hop into the fall , yes fall is free
Hip, hop, hip hop into the fall, yes sirreeeeee
Hip, hop , hip hop into the fall, with me
Hip, hip, hip hop into the fall with beautiful trees.
Hip, hip,hip, hop into the fall with victory for all!

Are You Ready- Hip Hop Into All Seasons?

Well, it really doesn't matter what your favorite season might be. It's just kinda fun when you live in a place where you experience all seasons with lots of variety. Some people like the joy of all of the changing temperatures. Others enjoy the privilege of choosing different clothes for each season! Yet there are some who experience the changes in the seasons but, never have to worry too much about drastic temperature changes. Rather mild temperatures still may bring about different seasonal changes such as storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Regardless of the season or weather, "be happy, be merry!"


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th May 2013 (#)

Yep, kids love the dancing, provided the teacher is fun and not all fun and games wherein they mean true business with love.Dance is always timeless without seasons...

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author avatar g. kirklandholmes
22nd May 2013 (#)

You are so right- this should be incorporated into the classroom curricula with love, respect and in a timely manner!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th May 2013 (#)

i think it is wonderful that children express themselves through their dancing...marvellous!

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author avatar g. kirklandholmes
22nd May 2013 (#)

It is so important that children be allowed to express themselves and that we have some type of creative movement in the classroom. We should not unrealistically expect children to sit for eight or more hours-with no movement! (Inhumane)

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author avatar g. kirklandholmes
22nd May 2013 (#)

In so many cultures, dance is used to soothe the soul, to develop and provide hope and encouragement of love among each other. Thanks foe your comments.

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