Henna in morocco..culture for weddings and funerals

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Henna is considered fellow women all the time and when, especially in social and family events happy, and also to decorate the body and the freshness of the skin, it is a friendly woman who hardly abandon it, a parent who is accustomed to it in spite of progress means ornamental beauty.

Henna in morocco..culture for weddings and funerals

Henna is considered fellow women all the time and when, especially in social and family events happy, and also to decorate the body and the freshness of the skin, it is a friendly woman who hardly abandon it, a parent who is accustomed to it in spite of progress means ornamental beauty.

Linked henna, on the other hand, some popular beliefs and habits that make them either a good omen or a bad omen may hurt private girls and newly married women, which raises several questions about the strong presence of a substance henna in the imagination and mind of Moroccans and their daily lives.

health benefits

Which attracts Moroccan to a substance henna is the benefits bilge of the healthy side, and on the level of what gives him the flesh of decorative natural freshness, Among these benefits are used by many women in Tkhaddab the fingers of the hands and legs and hair as well, it gives him the required strength, it also addresses scalp from dandruff problem ..

Moroccan henna is used also to cure the headache and pain midterm, and cracked feet and fungi that take place between her fingers, and the treatment of certain tumors Bjn henna and put out a specified period of time.

And prefer some women dye their hair textured henna instead of resorting to dyes, which mostly contain Maud chemical harm the locks of hair and nothing whatsoever and scalp as well, and get women through the use of henna red hair color by mixing henna with lemon juice, and some other materials such as coffee and egg whites for cohesive dough, a mask is placed on the hair ..

Henna weddings

Highlights attend henna more in the Moroccan community in social events Happy particular, where there are almost pass suitable wedding or aqeeqah example without henna be present adorn the hands and legs of the bride and often hand of the groom, too, or palms of the new baby, and even attending Madawat to this happy partying.

In the Moroccan weddings, it is decorating the bride with henna from Alinkavh party, which Ms. specialized in create the next girl on the wedding and decorate it and cast them Blazers beautiful traditional costumes, to resort this Alinkavh to engrave my hands and feet of the bride with henna Bahia forms such as flowers and geometric shapes stunts.

And it called the night finery this night of henna, just summon them women from the families of the couple together, during which the celebration of the bride and henna together, where the girl was sitting still for a long period before the discussion started relish her hands and her legs carefully clear until it comes out the art form of the bride in the most beautiful view, being a night life for the bride and her husband, so be careful to be the girl with henna decorating appropriately and bewitching.

And mixed with ritual decorate the bride with henna and celebrate lyrical and Mawawil of repeating girls and women attending, and sometimes by singing group salutes those special henna night that the bride had finished Tkhaddab her hands and feet with henna, and at the same time aimed attendees cash to cut off the platters of henna, which is usually next to Templates sugar and eggs, which are materials symbolize the whiteness and indicate optimism happy life between the spouses.

The same day celebrations aqeeqah when increasing new baby, attending henna strongly to adorn the mother and her baby as well, and resemble aqeeqah wedding like a miniature wedding, but the most common in henna aqeeqah weather remains.

Even in religious occasions such as Eid al-Adha attend henna strongly when Moroccan families, where he baptized many women to plating Introduction ram-headed Eid henna optimistic and blessing him, and also in the Eid al-Fitr women and girls as young paint age on Oaaden distinctive forms of henna.

Henna at funerals

If henna present at social events and in religious holidays, they also prominently present in the rites of the popular bathroom when a private Moroccan women married, where keen on Tkhaddab their bodies with henna before going to the bathroom and massage the parts of their bodies in this hot space, and so to get the body of a freshness and suppleness.

It also attends henna in mutual gifts, where anxious families in some areas on the honoring of guests requiring women not leaving until after painting with henna in religion and the two men, a sign of hospitality, a habit that became famous by the residents and the people of Marrakesh area south of the country.

As Henna of luxuriant place in Moroccan society, has become a concern became as a belief and faith in its strength and its impact on an individual's life, given that there are many Moroccan families believe that the lack of Tkhaddab bride with henna on her wedding night is an omen bad and bad omen them and even relatives of the girls appetizers on marriage, this is a severe concern them to be blessed with henna though few of them put a premium on Oaaden in a circle.

It is popular beliefs of other traded in Moroccan society, like many other Arab communities that frequent use of henna shooting in the heart of women's tenderness and affection and makes it the darling when people, as the spinster girl leaves henna in her neck-shaped pendant allows them to marry possibilities mode, but the strangest of these beliefs lie in the belief that sit under the tree henna night infects harm because they shelter of the committee ..

But the interesting thing is also in the presence of henna in most scenes and spaces of Moroccan life, that Altkhaddb henna essential weather with a lot of people in some areas of the country, where it is on the occasion of death deliberately family to put their women and daughters of henna and adorning herself out when three days of the burial of the dead over the an indication that the period of grief was over. The wife of the deceased remain alone without a remote to be completed for legitimate promised then remove the mourning clothes, then adorned with henna signify that they died of grief.

Index of force

And henna in Moroccan society is not only material Tkhaddab legs and hands and decorate the body, but also when some of the women on the show strength index or the expression of openness, and respect for others is a sign of just imitate others.

The henna is considered a means of showing openness among many teenage girls, is no longer the henna material belonging to older women like mothers and grandmothers, but it is also engraved on the arms and legs and the lower back of the openness of the times and keep up with modern fashion Tkulaiat indicators.

Says Karima, 20, is keen to engrave parts of her body, especially with henna while you go to the city of Marrakech famous women debates, because they love life and enjoy it, but they feel that henna makes it more fun and follow-up of the stars in the field of singing, cinema when they come to Marrakech where Iqmn also in low black henna.

Others believes that the henna gives them a sense of power and superiority over others, a situation that is explained by Dr. Mohammed Abbas Noureddine social psychologist, in his book about the young people, the fact that adolescent and young generally cares about these outward appearances because of the reflection of anxiety suffered because his image is clear and sometimes shaky Himself , given the physiological, psychological and social changes that are characterized by age group experienced.

The expert adds that the acceptance signals received by the teenager and young man can feel relieved and satisfied, and give him self-confidence and alleviate the anxiety suffered by pointing out that these rituals such as clothing or tattoos or painting with henna feel teenager belonging and that is acceptable by his group, especially of the opposite sex.


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