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When parents feel it's their responsibility to get their kids to achieve, they now need something from their children—they need them to do their homework.

Homework is fun!

Homework time doesn't have to be full of struggles, tears, frowns, and poor attitudes. It is possible to make homework time fun and meaningful for your elementary-aged child. With these few homework solutions, you and your child will be smiling over homework in no time.

What time of day is best for your child? Like adults, children may also work better in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Although students might not have the choice to do homework in the morning or afternoon, they do have a choice on whether or not they start homework as soon as they get home, after a snack, or after eating dinner with the family. This is one of the easiest homework solutions, and may make some of the struggles disappear if you can figure out when your child is the most ready and able to do her homework.

Let your child help create a homework desk. She may be more excited to do her homework at a special desk with her own supplies than if she has to do it at the kitchen table.

Here are a few games and activities :

Homework help for parents doesn't have to be difficult.

  • When studying for a test, let your child ask you questions, too. You can even pretend to get some questions wrong, so your child has to "teach" you the correct answer (which will help them learn the material even more). You can give each other points for correct answers with a prize of a walk around the neighborhood together when you finish studying.

  • Do funny exercises, movements, or dances when one subject is finished before moving on to the next. If your child has math homework and spelling words, then put on some groovy music in between and dance to the beat. Play follow the leader. You do some moves your child has to follow and then switch roles. Drink a huge glass of water when you finish your exercising and buckle down for the next homework subject. Using homework help for parents tips can add fun and even exercise to a once boring time.

  • Once a week, take your child some place special to do their homework.Look around your community, and ask your child where they want to take a homework field trip.

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