Hellenic Neo-Paganism - The Worship of the Ancient Greek Gods

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Hellenic Neo-Paganism is the worship of the Ancient Greek Gods.

The Worship of the Ancient Greek Gods

Hellenic is a synonym for Greek. A Pagan is a follow of a Pre-Christian polytheistic religion. A Neo-Pagan is someone from the 21st. Century who is a follows of one of the many pre-Christian polytheistic religions. Hellenic Neo-Paganism is the belief and worship in the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses.

It is also referred to as: Hellenic Polytheistic, Reconstructionism, Revivalist Hellenic Polytheists, Greek Recontructionism, Hellenic Traditionalism, Classical Paganism or Olympianism. When combined with both Greek and Roman Elements is can be called: Graeco-Roman Paganism.

The Ancient Greeks were Polytheists. This means they worshiped multiple Deities. The Greek religion at one time spread far beyond mainland Greece, reaching all the way to the coast of Asia Minor, Southern Italy and into the Western Mediterranean. There was difference in worship and some of the Gods but all held the 12 Olympians in the highest regard. The 12 Olympians consisted of six males and six females. They were Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Hermes, Demeter, Dionysus and Hephaestus.

Today, the modern Hellenic religion still focuses on the 12 Olympians but also include nature spirits, the other Greek Deities and the Ancient Greek heroes. The honouring of their ancestors and the virtues of hospitality, moderation and giving are also very important. Their devotions primarily focus is on honouring their Gods and the giving of gifts or offerings to them.

Like most of the Neo-Pagan religions today, there is no hierarchal clergy. Though some may gather in small groups to worship together, each person is responsible for their own spiritual course. Individuals are expected to perform their own Rituals and gain their own knowledge through personal experience and research. The most important thing to those who follow the Hellenic Path is “eusebeia”, which roughly translates to “piety”. Followers of this religion are expected to have an unfaltering loyal and love for their Gods

For the last two thousand years, the worship of the Greek Gods in Greece has been illegal. However, in the year 2006 a court in Athens overturned the law and ordered that the worship of the countries original Gods be allowed. In the year 2005, around 2000 Greek citizens were followers of the ancient Gods and another 100,000 had an interest in it. Since the overturning of the law, the numbers have increased significantly. For many of the people of Greece the overturning of the law made it so they could follow their hearts without fear of persecution or prejudice. A right that should never have been taken away from them.


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