Health: Tips To Get Your Child To Eat Vegetables

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Vegetables are good for your child's health. But sometimes, the child would not want to eat his or her vegetables. Here are some suggestions on how to cook or prepare vegetables which your child wants to eat.

Tips To Get Your Child To Eat Vegetables

It always seems like it is a hard task to get your child to eat his or her vegetables. It’s a battle every time, which sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. When I cook, I keep in mind that I’m also cooking for my niece who is a child. I try to think of a recipe which not only appeals to the adults in my home, but also to the child. My main concern is always to make the food tasty, while still remaining healthy.

Cooking Cabbage

Cabbage is one of my family’s favorite vegetables. When I cook cabbage, I either stir fry, make soup, or make a mixed cabbage stew. To make a stir fry with cabbage as the main ingredients, you will obviously need a head of cabbage. Any cabbage of your preferences is suitable. You can even use two or three types of cabbages for color and variety. Add strips of meat – pork, chicken or bacon – long beans/chick peas, carrots, capsicum (green and red), garlic, onion, a slice of ginger, ground pepper, salt. Just stir-fry them all together using vegetable oil or olive oil. It’s quick and easy. My niece loves this dish, as do all the adults.

Vegetable Dishes

Here’s another vegetable dish I love to make, which my niece also loves because of the color and taste. Any vegetable you like to eat can be added to this dish, bearing in mind the cooking time for each vegetable so you know which one to cook first before adding any other ingredients in your recipe. Here are some veggies to keep in mind; tomatoes, green beans, baby carrots, capsicum, fresh mushrooms, spinach, leeks, peas, broccoli and cauliflower.

Cook them in extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. I also like to add a table-spoon of oyster sauce for that extra delicious taste. If you feel like adding some strips of meat to the dish, feel free to do so. Sometimes I put in several hard-boiled quail’s eggs for variety.

Of course, sometimes for whatever reason, even with your child’s favorite dish, there will come a time when she or he will refuse to eat it then. We can always lay down the rule, “No vegetables, no dessert” which usually works. However, sometimes, it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, perhaps it is time to switch recipes, or ingredients. Just know what your child wants and be creative when cooking the vegetables. In my opinion, I’d rather my child eat the same two types of vegetables all the time, rather then eating no vegetables at all.

All the best getting your child to eat her or his veggies!


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