"He was just a dog." Well its your fault too.

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Here are a few tips to courting or just meeting new people. Read and take notes!

Take Notes..

Before I begin, I am not sexist nor am I bias. I do not favor sex but rather favor the truth.

Well this is my first blog and I am not too open but always dreamed of writing something or somewhere -- lol -- so this is it! (whoop-ti-doo)

Well to begin, we can agree that both male and female enjoy the world of dating. Being the fact that they are aware that love exists for them or the feeling of being cared for satisfies them (and maybe etc). I may speak for myself that I do enjoy being single but dating/courting is quite an adventure! But let's be truthful. If you’re searching for love, chances are, you won't find it (there’s light at the end of this tunnel). When searching for love, we either lower or broaden our standards, blocking out what really is meant for us, when we should just let go or in my terms , let it rock. Let me explain. When we lower our standards, we allow anyone to engage with our heart, letting them play with it as if it’s their soccer ball! Sometimes we may know that they are no good for us, yet the thought of someone being there is what matters (after all ANYbody is better than NObody, eh?). By doing this, it can result you to SEVERE heartbreak and confusion.

I remember a few years back, I will admit I was lonely and a very close friend of mine grew "some sort of feelings" for me. I thought he was a really great friend, meaning he should be a great boo too! And plus he was the type I always bragged for (dark-skinned, tall, neat smile and great personality). But because he was MY good friend, that didn't make up to him being MY man. Now, females have their way of doing this. Yes, before a couple ...hmm what’s the word…adjoin, a friendship must be there but chances are not any guy is your type of guy. Just because a man/boy/male (those are 3 different people in my book) has feelings for you (sexual or emotional) doesn't mean you two are destined. And when we females break up rates increase along with our lack of trust towards the "mr. He's definitely yours" we blame the "dog" and as a result, good men suffer. Now we should not broaden our standards too high; we may miss out on the good guy. Just because he had flaws that you definitely rejected, doesn't mean you too aren't right! Remember that beauty comes from within and that appearance will remain appearance, its what the world see. Now we all have our "specifics". For example, above I stated that I like dark-skinned, tall, neat smile and fun men. But does not mean I should reject a light-skin just because of how I feel? Or should I reject shortness that is in love with who you are just because he didn't fit the script?? NO.NO.NO! Ladies, loosen up and experience! You do not fall in love with looks, which is infatuation. When your standards are gone (if they are based on appearance) you’re just going to straight up dip on a brother. Be careful that you don't miss out on him, especially when God made the door very wide open for you.

Well you just said don't lower nor broaden our standards. What ah girl to do sha?!

Remember who you are and what makes you happy. Just because he got everything you asked for, does not mean everything you asked for is good for you (ever thought of that?). As for me I am a Christian, I believe God has someone for me, maybe he’s in my face maybe he’s far away, but nevertheless God will reveal him to me. But as of now, I embrace those who care for me and those I care for as well. I don't brush them off because “I HAVE STANDARDS". Imagine a man telling you, "oh no, you have dreads? You’re not my type." who is he to judge you because of what he doesn't like, right? As for you, you choose what you believe and grow from there. Many females blame men for the mistakes they have made (I am one of them in flesh lol). But we need to clean up our mistakes and give the GOOD man a GOOD chance and let them know "hey I'm good and there are still females like me alive!" Learn to differentiate a "strag" (player) from a gentlemen, not by appearance but getting to know them. Have your values ready before him and your standards way behind. Remember that you are beautiful and that your values bring respect and fairness to the table. Hope you enjoyed and comment please!! Please be as positive as you can be.

P.S. : some guys just are nasty and they are considered the dogs. but be careful, what you call ..a dog..

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