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Some of us are lazy to say reasons to our children. Some of us are expecting that the children must know the reasons on their own. Some of us are thinking that the children must not know the reason. They should just obey their parents, without any question.But reasoning is a very good tool to guid the child.

Fail to say the reason

"Kevin, today you can't go out to play,"told Kevin's mother.
"Why?" asked Kevin.
"Why?, Why?, Why? Don't you know the reason? Look through the window," shouted kevin's mother.

Not only kevin's mother, most of us are thinking, that children should find the reason on their own or the reason is not important for the children. Some times we are lazy to say the reasons. We speak to the children in ' Do what I say manner'.

No, that is wrong. Reasoning is a very good tool to guide our children.
"Kevin, you can't go out to play because, it is raining outside".
What is the speciality in this scentence. This scentence contains a reason in it.
There are two benifits in reasoning.
1. Self discipline
2. Prosocial behaviour.

Reasoning and self-discipline

When the children are given a reason for a required behaviour they will be able to control their own behaviour in the future also. When the mother says, "Kevin, you can't go out to play because, it is raining out side, " Kevin understands that playing in the rain is not good for him. He will follow this rule for ever.
Reasoning helps the children to develop self- discipline in them.

Reasoning and prosocial behaviour

Prosocial behavior is friendly reactions between people. This can be working together or helping others. Reasoning develop prosocial behavior in children You can understand this through these examples.
"Sara, help your little brother to do his home work, So he can finish it quickly," or "Tim give back the doll to Lina. She wants to have that."
Through these sort of reasoning children can learn to help others and not to disturbe others.

Further examples

To go through some more examples and excersices click here: Reasoning


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author avatar Sandeep
18th Aug 2010 (#)

Nice information provided by the author. I loved the content.
You are right, reasoning matters everywhere and it is necessary to make kids innovative by preparing them with reasoning...
Thanks for such nice content.

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author avatar johnnydod
27th Jan 2012 (#)

good common sense and advice here

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