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You must be a good role model for your children to guide them. But the very important point is : You must be warm to them. Then only your children will imitate you.

Behave, as you want your child to behave.

If you have a task to guid your child, you must be a good role model for your child. First, you must behave as you want your child to behave.

* If you want your child not to make noise, you should not make noise.
* If you want your child to eat vegetables, you should eat plenty of vegetables in front
of your child.
* If you want to be loving to his younger brother or sister, you should be loving to both
* If you want your child to read good books, you should read books.

Whom imitate the children?

Children imitate whom they respect and who are warm to them. So if you want your child to imitate you, you should warm to them.

How to be warm?

All of the parents love their children. There is no doubt. but most of them don't know how to be warm to their children.

* Listen and look at them when they are speaking. Don't show them that you have no time to hear them or you are not interested in their talk.

* Comfort them by huging or pating when they are physicaly or emotionaly hurt.

* Encourage them and be with them when they are afraid.

If you are so warm in this way, your child will see you as arole model and will imitate you

Undesirable traits

children imitate undesirable traits easily. be careful, not to show undesirable habits in front of them. For example if you don't clean your kitchen after cooking, you can't expect your child to tidy up his room after a play.

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