Growing-up tips: Caring for School and Personal Belongings

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Here are my simple tips you want to teach to your children.


Your personal belongings do not only include your clothing and personal accessories. They also include your school bag, books, school supplies, shoes, stockings, grooming aids, such as comb, hair brush, toothbrush, powder, handkerchiefs, etc. taking care of these belongings means having the right place to keep them. This saves a lot of time and energy in looking for them when needed. They are also kept in good condition as they are kept properly.

Here are some tips on caring for your school belongings

1. Keep your schoolbag neat and clean before and after use. Remove clutters and unnecessary things inside to keep everything in order. Most schoolbags today can now be laundered. Laundered your schoolbag when soiled and dirty.
2. Group your school things according to use. Put notebooks together, all books together. Have a place for each schoolbag. Little things like ball pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and other can be placed in cases or containers. This way, you avoid searching for them in your bag.
3. Also have a box or cosmetic bag for your personal grooming tools like comb, hairbrush, face powder, freshener, hair clips and others. They should not be mixed with your school supplies.
4. Clean them before and after use. A shoe brush, cotton cloth or rag shine wax are handy when cleaning your shoes. Clean and shiny shoes are attractive to look at when worn.
5. Socks should be clean and smell good before wearing. Never wear used socks as they give foul smell to the feet. Mend rips or holes as soon as they appear. Launder socks immediately after use.
6. To keep notebooks and books looking neat and new through the school year, cover them with plastic or waxed paper coverings. Label them properly. Avoid folding pages or writing on edges and corners.

Here are some tips to take care of your personal belongings.

1. Rinse your toothbrush after using. To disinfect, wash, dry, and exposed in sunlight for a few minutes. Sunlight kills germs.
2. Toothpaste and other mouthwash should be kept in a container or rack. They should be located where they are used. They are usually kept beside the lavatory. Keep the tube cap properly sealed after use. Do the same for the mouthwash bottle to avoid spilling.
3. Soap should be kept in a soap rack or a soap dish with slots or holes at the bottom. This allows the soap to drain and dry when not in use. It should be drained before keeping.
4. Nailbrush, nail cutter, nipper and other tools for nail care should be in their proper place. There is usually a box intended for these tools. Keep them in this box before and after use. Also keep them clean and dry after using.
5. Soap and rinse face towels thoroughly before and after using. Hang them dry preferably in the sunlight to kill germs and to remove unpleasant odor.
6. Remove lint in your clothes by using a cloth brush. Lints do not give clothes a neat and clean look. They should be avoided by proper laundering, washing, and hanging. To care for the brush, keep it clean, dry and in good condition. Remove lint in the brush before and after using.
7. A comb or brush is an individual personal belonging. It should be washed, cleaned, and dried after using. Using the comb of someone with lice or dandruff can be contaminating. Use combs and hair brushes that are clean with teeth or bristles that are firm yet gentle to the hair and scalp. Clean combs and hair brush with warm soap and water. Remove sticking dirt using an old or used toothbrush.
8. Hangers should be kept clean, free from dirt and dust before using. Hang them in the wardrobe cabinet where they are kept and used.
9. All sewing tools like needles, pins, cushions, thread, and scissors should be kept in a sewing box. Keep needles in an emery bag to avoid rusting. Oil the scissors once in a while to avoid rust. Keep pins in a pincushion.
10. The sewing box should be kept away from children. The things inside should be arranged properly and neatly.
11. The mirror should be kept clean, and clear. To remove dirt and mist, use a damp newspaper for wiping. Wipe the mirror up and down and sideways. Then wipe dry with a dry crumpled newspaper.
12. Hang and air clothes properly after wearing especially when wet with perspiration. Hang them outside and not inside the cabinet. When inside the closet, the perspiration when dry can leave an unpleasant smell and water spots on the cloth. The smell can contaminate other clothes in the cabinet.
13. Undergarments like half-slips, chemise, t-shirts and panties should be changed daily. Since they are close to the skin, they absorb perspiration readily. Used undergarments when worn again can give an unpleasant odor.
14. When powdering your face, use your own powder puff. Keep it clean and dry always. Keep it in the compact powder after using.

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27th Nov 2010 (#)

great tips thanks for sharing

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29th Nov 2010 (#)

one of my children spent two bags in just a year. i will print this and handle this over to him.

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11th Jul 2011 (#)

good tips .

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19th Oct 2017 (#)

what at the factors Influencing personal belongings

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author avatar Mbaeri Kingsley
19th Oct 2017 (#)

what at the factors Influencing personal belongings

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