Growing Up Or Not-Being Younger than Everyone Else

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One life story which I would like to share. Thanks

Growing Up Or Not-Being Younger than Everyone Else

As my eighteenth birthday approaches, I find myself reflecting upon how odd it feels to be the youngest person that I know here at Boston University. I’m doing coverage of the election polls today for the newspaper, and I’m not even old enough to vote. But come the 25th, I will finally be a legal adult- something that I’ve wanted for a long time but am not sure that I am ready for right now. Well, it’s coming, so I better be ready.
I don’t get the chance to tell most people that I’m seventeen, but it’s come up more and more recently given the election, with everyone advising us to do our part and vote - people keep asking me if I voted yet, and then the truth comes out - I’m only seventeen! Most people respond with shock – “You’re only seventeen? Woah… you’re way younger than I thought”. Given, I’ve been pegged for in-my-twenties since my Freshman year of high school and more and more each year- every time I go out to a restaurant, I’m offered the drinks menu or asked what wine I would prefer tonight - my response being “Oh, I’m only in the mood for some tea tonight” rather than “Sorry, I’m seventeen”.
Some people react like I’m an adorable little kid. Seriously? I’m only between one and five years younger than you! When I told the other bloggers that I was only seventeen and too young to vote, I got a collective sigh of “AWWWWWWWWWWW”. Maybe it’s bad, but I have to admit that I kind of like it, like to play it up ; “Yup, look at me, all young, and naive, and innocent”. But the truth is that I really am a child at heart, and I never want to completely grow up.
I still adore playing with little kids when I volunteer. I still daydream while I go for runs and walks along the river, create fantastic goals for my future. At the Boston Book Festival, I blurted out to an editor that was getting my contact information: “I’m Olivia. I study over at BU, and when I grow up I want to be a writer”. She just giggled said, “Sweetie - you ARE grown up”.
I admit that college life and being almost eighteen has brought on a whole new set of challenges and responsibilities in my life. I’m used to working on homework that’s due the next day, not a week or even three out, used to buy research paper online, so I have to discipline myself and write out scheduled work time if I don’t want to end up procrastinating. Having been a goody-goody geeky type in high school, I’ve never come face to face with some of the stuff that people face all the time – I’ve never had to make choices about alcohol, drugs, or sex because they weren’t even a part of my little enclosed world. I spent the weekends staying up late and talking about school and watching Disney movies and baking cupcakes with my high school girlfriends, for chrissake! Luckily, I think I’m making the right choices (which are different for everyone), which for me seems to be to stay away from things in such unfamiliar territory until I’m a little older.
Despite all this growth and maturity and responsibility and all that boring stuff that your parents lecture you about; while that’s all good and dandy; I still vow never to lose that sense of wonder and fun that comes with being young. I never want to stop having fun, and seeing the world as a big amazing place just to explore as much as I can. I feel like if we all took some time to see through the eyes of a kid, we’d all just be a little more appreciative of this wonderful world that we have to live in.


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