Growing Up Is Not Easy

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We usually think that children don’t experience any problem. We think they are enjoying life. It might be true because they can divert their focus from their issues to other things. Diversion is not the solution as it might cause many problems in the long run. In their adulthood they might develop mental health problems or substance abuse problem. We need to remember that growing up is not easy and our children need our support during their developmental stages till their adulthood.


Today’s youth is increasingly diverse in many ways resultantly having diverse problems. All children and adolescents face problems from time to time. Usually, parents and teachers remain unable to understand them and their psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. We need to realize and develop a deep understanding of our children.

1. They May feel stressed out at times
2. They May have time management problem
3. They May lack effective study skills
4. They May fall behind in their studies
5. They May lack self-discipline
6. They May worry about family matters
7. They May feel depressed or anxious
8. They May experiment with drugs and alcohol
9. They May think about suicide
10. They May Question their aptitudes and abilities

A variety of social and cultural factors such as high divorce rate, dysfunctional families, poor parenting skills, low frustration tolerance, violence, instability, early experimentation with drugs, alcohol and sex, and poor interpersonal attachments may account for an increase in psychological problems of today’s youth.

Some schools/colleges do provide counseling services to the students. Still we need to analyze the efficacy of such services. Some students tend to keep their problems to themselves because they feel shy. Some take help from their friends and as a result they don’t get appropriate help, which is a great source of negative influence.

The Impact of Psychological Problems

Psychological problems of childhood and adolescents might affect the society at large by affecting the individual, the interpersonal relationships and the institute.

At the Individual Level

Psychological problems can affect the student’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal functioning having a negative impact on academic performance, retention, graduation rates. time management, disturbed mood, fatigue and low energy, sleep and eating problems, impaired concentration, memory, decision-making, motivation and self-esteem, loss of interest in normal activities, isolation and social withdrawal, and in some cases suicidal attempts.

At the Interpersonal level

Students with emotional and behavioral problems have the potential to affect many other people on campus, including roommates, classmates, faculty, and staff, in terms of disruptive, disturbing, or even dangerous behavior.

At the Institutional level

Students with psychological problems have also impacted institutions in terms of legal challenges related to risk management issues and mental health services provided by the institution.


We need to help children prevent from developing problems. It might be a bit stressful for parents but will be beneficial for your child’s future. So help your children:
• learn positive value system , ethics and respect for others
• learn to live a balanced life
• develop positive self image and foster positive feelings toward themselves as persons, toward their fellow students, teachers parents and society at large
• learn to deal with everyday problems constructively and realistically
• meet the need of students who have difficult relationships with authority figures
• learn stress management and relaxation techniques
• build self confidence and self esteem
• motivate them for academic success
• overcome Anxiety, fears/phobias
• develop concentration and memory skills
• learn better communication skill
• learn to manage anger, resentments and other negative feelings
• enable students to participate in supportive, growth-oriented peer group


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