Good bye my Dad

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This is about someone who has been a mentor and friend

Good bye my dad

How heavily the rain fell, thunder rolled and lightning flashed that night
Was it an omen indicating that something was not right
Something in me felt sad, my heart felt as if it was torn
As someone so dear to me died in the early morn.

This news hit my inside like a piercing dart
Seem as though it had touched each body part
The end result was that I had this feeling so very Sad
Because it was on that early morn I lost my dad

Sitting in silence sad but took some time to reminisce
About those moments we shared, this was a long list
In such a state over me such great joy began to flow
But alas reality came to the fore and my tears began to pour

Remembering those moments climbing upon his knees
Those many times lifting me above the waves in the seas
Telling and teaching me about things I now can comprehend
So now I am able to append and at some point amend

The man whom I love , admired and respected for so long
Tall, muscular and a physique of one so physically strong
But as time progresses and the years and age creep
Made him weak and he was swept off his feet

Seeing this was that signal to make me certainly prepare
For his departure which seems to be drawing near
When I talked to him he could hardly emit a sound
It some how told that he was quickly losing ground

Heartbreaking it was that day to see his remains being lowered
Into the ground on which he once so proudly towered
As he disappeared my eyes so filled and blinded with tears
Breaking a bond that had grown so strong in passing years

So rest in peace dad, you have done a very good job
I hope that I as a father can walk that path you have trod
And as you took that bow and departed from life's stage
I will apply lots of the information written on your life's book page


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author avatar poetic2984
13th Sep 2016 (#)

Well done

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
13th Sep 2016 (#)

Yes very touching, must be very special

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