Good Bye Fear!

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It is not good for someone to leave in fear, because life will never be "life" for them.

Mischievous Fear.

“Mischievous Fear”

Hey guys..

Well I started out this blog page just writing about things i have learned and believe in but you guys barely know me. Some of you may have known me since I was in diapers yet you just recognize me for my silliness, and outter confidence or maybe my quietness ( that i act on lol).. many of you do not know my biggest flaw where few of you do. Well that biggest flaw happens to be fear. I’ve grown up with a fear in my heart for so many things: relationships (friendship & dating), trust, accomplishments, risking, and just being open-minded.

I look back, my fear has restricted me from getting to alot of places I could have been. I could have been much stronger, wiser and happier but I won’t be that” could of been” person. I want to remove all that pessimistic thought and just reminder that as long as I live, I still have a chance to make things right with my life. It is never too late. From today, I will work on (pray for me , I hope I am not in the moment) being heard without feeling bad for being right. I will work on making an accurate decision without worrying too much but rely on my faith. I will work on relying on God in helping me grow spiritually,mentally and all the good aspects that I want to grow. I don’t want to sit before a blog and say,” I can’t write this because he/she may be reading”..well??

I am just sick of fear holding me back from having the good friendships, and relationships with others that are possible. It always hold me back from what I really want to happen. And everything I ever dreamed of happening were only the best I could think of. My heart never settled for least..but because of fear my heart would turn against me and say “this time its okay.” NOOO!!! lol I don’t wish to be 60 years old being afraid of what I can do and being afraid of what people may say. See thats another problem, I grew up with alot of folks from home church and family who always have something to say about everything. So i grew in a state where I fear hearing others opinion about me, well negative opinions. but its time to stand up! ( hey tye tribbett, check me out!)

(puts on my superwomen cape and the rips off her letter “F”) GOODbye fear! I am totally done with you.. God does not dwell with you so neither can I anymore…I want to be perfect, you know, just as my Father is. oh yeah and fear, you made me be mean to alot of kind people. tsk tsk tsk, your seriously dismissed!

And as for you, maybe you have this fear that is stopping you from becoming the person you dreamed on being.Maybe you fear is a trouble maker or maybe hes silent and mean like mine own. But dissmiss him, there is no life in him. He seriously has nothing to offer you. <3


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author avatar Tranquilpen
16th Aug 2011 (#)

Excellent! thank you for sharing my friend :-))

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author avatar Rtttt
17th Aug 2011 (#)

thanks for reading!

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author avatar vpaulose
11th Dec 2012 (#)

Nice sharing fear.

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