God – the Supreme Being

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Man has got a great desire for knowledge and truth. He is, above all, seeking the person who has both the virtues of truth and beauty. Truth and beauty are the other names of god.

Besides truth and beauty, man has an even stringer desire for achieving something better.

An artist is never satisfied with his master piece. He always feels the he could make it more beautiful. His search for perfection continues. He tries to create a perfect image in his mind. This for him is God.

Besides truth and beauty, man has an even stringer desire for achieving something better. A person who is good is always praised and admired. Even those people are bad, however much they scorn the good, in their hearts the really admire them. They also wish that they themselves were as good or even better.

God is perfect

In our moral life we have to seek only what is good. The more a person improves in conduct, the more he realized that there is still place for further improvement. If you bring a piece of white cloth in a shaded place, it looks quite clean, but if you place it under a bright light you will notice every little stain or trace of dirt. In the same manner, when a person approaches God he becomes aware of all the human weaknesses. This means that no one can be perfect in this world. Only God is perfect.

God is unchangeable

Change means going from one condition to another. Change means getting something that you did not have earlier, or losing something that you had before. God is perfect. He does not change. just as a teacher does not gain or lose anything by giving a lesson, so also God does not gain or lose anything when he creates us.


God, The Supreme Being, True

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6th Mar 2014 (#)

Good write, Thanks for sharing

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10th Mar 2014 (#)

NIce post!

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