God’s Intervention Stopped Bullets Twice

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Sometimes real life dramas turn into stories with a happy ending and a message to be learned. Ponder the thoughts given here with a smile.

God’s Intervention Stopped Bullets Twice

Two women miraculously talked a shooter out of mass killings in Atlanta in two separate incidents that prove God’s purpose in their lives were real. Both of these women used happenings in their terrible past to relate to a troubled person in a unique way. One woman was white that helped a black man, while the other was black that helped a white man. However, no screams of racism were heard or even though of during these nationally viewed events. When God works miracles skin color is not visible.

An Angel Sent From God

Ashley Smith had Brian Nichols force his way into her apartment one terrible night in March 2005. After Nichols killed multiple people and escaped a courtroom in Atlanta, it appeared Ashley’s downward spiral in life was continuing in a big way as this armed man made her a hostage.

Drug use, poor decisions, and a recently murdered husband gave Ashley insight into how bad life can be. However, this night she took all the bad things that had happened to her to relate to her potential killer. Knowing her danger from watching the news, she probably figured this was the end of her bad life.

Ashley showed God has a purpose for everyone that night. She read from a book about God’s purpose in our lives to console this dangerous man. Her life made a big positive turn when she saw her purpose become the miracle that had this killer lay down his weapon and turn himself over to authorities. Nichols said she was an angel sent from God. Ashley moves forward with a good life to this day.

Compassion Creates A Miracle

Antoinette Tuff showed in a real way God had a purpose for her. In August 2013 a person entered the school where she worked with a bag full of weapons ready to end not only his life but many others with him. The transcript of her amazing interview with Anderson Cooper reveals the story.

She had recently tried to commit suicide after her husband had left her. Once again, a woman with terrible problems in the past could relate to this mentally unstable potential shooter. Her compassion and ability to relate to this man stopped the bullets. After firing off many rounds in the school hallway, she told him to come back in and talk with her. God’s purpose for her was revealed when she stopped the bullets and he miraculously turned himself over to the police.

Antoinette said she kept asking God to tell her what to say to this potential killer. Not one person was shot that day, and her interview reveals thoughts of some great things to come her way in the future. This amazing story is more powerful than any professional minister could preach.

A Bad Past Can Create A Happy Future

The question “Why do bad things happen to good people?” might be answered in both of these people’s lives. Sometimes God uses bad things that happen in our lives to create good results for the future. God’s purpose for us might not bring good until we experience the bad. People help others best when they can relate to the same negative problems.

Too many times there is just so much emphasis on the bad stuff. These miraculous stories could have been explained away by a behavior specialist, or reporting could have been slanted toward the mistakes made by the characters in this real life drama. When real miracles occur, God’s purpose should receive credit at the end of the script.


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