Gigolos, Rentadreads and Bunga Boys

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An examination of the relationships between the older woman and younger man


There have always been older women, many rich or holding special place, who will take on a younger or much younger man as a kind of protoge.

Whether the relationship went from the front room into the bedroom, or he was merely useful as an escort to various functions, the baseline was that she 'owned' him.

She paid the bills, she set the dance, she had to be pleased, or he would be dismissed.


The gigolo is a European, primarily Italian young man who sells himself to rich women. After World War II when Italy was 'invaded' by many wealthy Americans snapping up the very cheap properties in magnificient cities, many young men saw their chance.

Some may have interferred with marriages, but many went after the widow who could dress them, take them to posh places, buy them all they needed.

Gigolos had impeccable manners and knew about the fittingness of things. Many were passed on from one woman to the next, often gathering some value, so by the time they were no longer able to perform their tasks, they drifted into society as gentlemen.


The Caribbean has always had its beach boys. In Barbados these were decent young men who would cater to the older woman. He would be fed, clothed housed, taken to the venues, and although he might have a 'baby mother' inland, she never crossed the path of the beach boy.

Jamaica cashed in on this around Sunsplash time.

Foreign women were fascinated by Rasta. Many men grew locks to catch the tourist dollar.

They would hang around Montego Bay at Sunsplash time, five banding together to take a booth and sell craft. Having the booth gave them free access to the grounds where females could make their purchase.

In early days, Rentas, like Bajan Beach Boys, had their 'baby mother' at home, would claim to be visiting Sunsplash to make money for the family, and return a week or so after the closing with a few goodies.

Others went to work full time, inhabiting certain beaches, always on the ready for the available female.

The New Paradigm

Over time, successful women who had been in various relationships decided that they were not going into another.

They wanted male company, they wanted the bedroom on occasion, but they did not want any man trying to control their lives.

In the 1st World there are 'cougars', older women who want to play with younger men. Often they pick those in their 'class' or 'profession' in a kind of modern day 'protege'.

But this can be problematic as when the young man turns on the cougar. When he rips her off to please his new girl friend. When the older woman loves the younger man and the love becomes a knife at her throat.

So the decision has been to find the Bunga Boy.

Bunga Boy

A Bunga Boy is a younger man with little education, little opportunities, who has nothing, and will depend on his benefactress for everything.

As he is so far beneath his Mistress in everything that matters he can not challenge her.

She goes to work and spends as long as she desires. She visits friends, attends meetings, then comes home.

He can not open his mouth because he is no more than a 'gardener' who is likely to be fired if he makes trouble.

He is not particularly attractive, so that he doesn't catch many eyes. He is owned and operated by his current Mistress who never ever loves him.

He is there to be there; whether she needs a man to drive her car or work around the house, Whether she just needs a week end companion or a bed warmer.

As his intellect/education is so much lower than her's there can be no companionship. As he often is unfamiliar with what is common to her, there is no way he can interfer in her life.

Often, his 'life expectancy' is two or three years, then he is replaced by another of his ilk.

For the time he lives with his Mistress he is fed, clothed, has what he needs, maybe a bit of pocket change, but not much. He is never to be independent, never to be unavailable. The moment she needs him and he is absent that is the end of the relationship.

The Twist

For centuries men have had mistresses and concubines.
In modern day, the rich man has a troop of girlfriends who are to please him.

Some men pay rent for their girlfriends, others have them as cash and carry.

Some men crack open their address book and go down the line until they hit the one who is ready now.

Today, women are beginning to understand the importance of their jobs, their involvements, and do not need a man to make them complete. In fact a man would interfer by putting demands on her time, limiting her opportunities.

By selecting a Bunga Boy who is available when she determines and dismissed when he offends, women have entered the unattractive arena.


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