Getting on well with our family members but how?

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Days are flowing fast and we are a whole in this rush. Once we are back home do we spend enough time with our parents/husband/wife or kids? Even if we do, do we spend it nicely?

Always little time left so lets program the day well

Like in my previous articles i will again repeat that each day is another rush for people who live in a big city and are working or have stuff to do during the day. No matter what your occupation is you need to use time wisely and systematically or else you will end up gaining nothing when the day is over. This goes for family relations as well. We always need to spend more and more time with our family. But unfortunately most of us don't have the time or even if we do we rather do other things. İf we do program the day well, working hard in the morning, all of us do have time left for our family once we are done. İ want to focus on writing more about teen life and the effects on family in this essay.

Mothers and fathers are the most precious people on earth

When it comes to family relations, just like relations with other people, there are key words; respect them, be polite and always be thankful because they raised you to this day. Think of the pain, the work and the trouble you cause to them all the time, all they want in return is for you to smile at them and respect. Aggressive teen years can end up in fights and endless arguments with your parents. İ believe that you end up in nothing but harming both sides emotions. Teens especially lack a lot of respect that causes major family problems leading even to divorces because of the desperacy between the couple. Once the child is out of control parents end up in blaming each other. İ have seen many examples among my friends and far family relations that a teen usually has the power to collapse the main system of the family. When i say system i mean how it runs, the balances of dad and mom and of other siblings. Once it is corrupt it turns out to be a torture then the so called ''family life''. İ prefer respecting the people around me, having had aggressive years as a teen myself, i've learned at 21 from my own mistakes. That i do nothing but make people around me sad and even myself. Now i smile and politeness is a must for me. Take the advice it's much simpler than fighting and result is a magic..

Music, movies, TV and magazines

The topic sounds like a teens must right? and yet they are. These are all around teens and so let me confess that they are around me as well. But a lot has changed because now i clearly see the message hidden in all of them: rebel! More than 50% of teenagers are in depression and another huge number is thinking of commiting suicide any moment. Usage of drugs, alcohol and listening to music full of messages: all of them simply push them into this. Desperate parents are unable to solve what their kids deep non-existing problem is so eventually start fighting, blaming each other for their kids state. Nobody looks back and sees the real responsible things behind. Many of my classmates parents divorced simply because of them. Rebelling to each and every thing that comes to their way, they are far from success not knowing where they are going themselves. So am i telling that teens must be locked up at home near their parents not keeping them update? No way that sounds crazy. İndependence is every single persons right but hey i'm just advicing parents to do wat mine did; wake them up to see the realities around, raise them in such a way that they will be able to differentiate between real life and these things. Non of these things will bring anyone anywhere in real life. The only thing you will do is mess your life among with other peoples.

Hug, kiss and love them

İ love my parents and my whole family no matter what type of people they are because they raised me to this day, they helped me be who i am now, they supported me, they sheltered me, they protected me from harmful events and people, they taught me to be nice, they gave me food and a warm house, they sent me to school, they tried to chill me on my or even on their own worst days, they took me on holidays, they gave me what i wanted even at moments i didn't deserve, they taught me life... i can endlessly add up to this list because these are not even the half of the things they have done for me. İ am thankful and will always be and you know how i pay back? i smile and respect them all the time. Even in an argument i don't lose my control. İ hug them and kiss them because i love them and guess what i end up with; making life not only beautiful for myself but beautiful for them as well. İ could live for the proud way they stare at me.. Wishing you a beautiful life...


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23rd May 2011 (#)

Such a simple thing yet, too many do not use it and that is, respect. Your parents have a wonderful child. Thank you for sharing.:)

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