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Are you and your loved one having problems? I think everyone in a relationship has their issues, you can't find mister perfect, but you can make him one.

Lovely every after.

If you are in a some what new relationship this is the paragraph to read, if you have are in a long term relationship, which has lasted a few years, head on down to the next paragraph 'The downfall or true love.'

-It all starts of as a perfect new love, you think it will last forever and you couldn't be happier. You may not believe me but it is only the start. You won't stay in this newbie love forever, the sprinkle on your cupcake will be there but not 24/7 like the first stage of the relationship. It is true nothing can top the feeling of being in love. It is exciting, happiness, something new basically just everything about it is perfect. BUT I know what it feels like to be newly in love, it is a great feeling and nothing can bring you down. The problem new love does to you, is that you believe nothing can go wrong, and when it does you hit rock bottom. I'm not saying don't be happy and in love I am just saying watch out.
There is not a lot of problems in the first part of the relationship because you are getting to know each other, the more the better. But when or if it ends, remember you can always and I do mean always find someone else, trust me. I know you don't want to hear it, but you can. You have to see it as a new start of your life, maybe it helped you? Maybe it made you stronger? It defiantly did something to you, so see it from the positive side. You will get through it.

The downfall or true love.

Hello there, I am guessing you moved onto this paragraph because you have been in a relationship for a long time. Well good for you, I am happy for you.

-Sometimes love fades, with others it stays.
One thing that you shouldn't worry too much about is changes, you know your partner pretty well by now, but your loved one might change a bit, everyone does. This doesn't mean is has something to do with you or that you are not loved. Be happy for you partner and get use to it. If you are really in love you will accept it.

The problems are starting or maybe you have already had a few arguments. Well I am personally a very jealous person and I am stubborn, basically I am not easy to be in a relationship with, but luckily my boyfriend keeps up with it.

To solve your problems here are a few ideas that might help you out.
- Try not to have an argument to late, as humans body gets tired and may become moody, this might make it all so much worse.
- Give each other space, don't be annoying when you see the other person needs time, this can make you relationship break any time.
- Take a breath before arguing or telling your partner something you don't like. Count to 10 and relax, calm yourself down. Maybe what you are mad about, is not really a big thing.
- Make a pact, if you argue a lot, maybe talk about what to do in a situation like this. Maybe say don't talk for 10 minutes, or promise each other no matter what we don't go to bed mad. There are lots of pacts you can make.
- Respect each other and your feelings, when this is not done right. Arguments are waiting in line to start.

If you try some of these suggestions and they don't seem to work, then maybe go see a therapist? or online groups. There are lots of them and don't be afraid, or think you are being lame, it might save your relationship. If it's that worth.
Here are a few sites that might help.
If you don't want to pay for it there is a freesite.
Then there is a site that doesn't cost too much..
Of course there is appointment therapy which you would have to find in your own area.

Good luck, I hope it all works out.


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24th Feb 2010 (#)

Thank you :) this is very peaceful to read x

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