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Recognizing a problem at the beginning, the Genesis, is the best spot to resolve it. We can help ourselves and others more by sharing love. Are we in such a great hurry that we cannot stop to help someone else, especially a child? Do we know how to listen for a cry for help? If the answer is no, then The Spirit within will make you cognizant of it.


Remarkable and enlightening opportunities can occur anywhere, even in the supermarket. One day a couple of weeks ago, while my daughter and I were shopping in a local market, we met a child about the age seven. We heard her before we actually saw her. She was having a tantrum about a box of sweet cakes she wanted.

“I want these cakes and you had better buy them for me,” she said!

Her grandfather resisted purchasing the item and she was kicking him in his shins.

“I am not paying for cakes, you don’t need them, you eat too much sweets, I tell you,” the grandfather said.

Embarrassed for witnessing an adult being assaulted by a child, we headed our cart in a different direction toward the checkout counter. As we reached the checkout and was preparing to put items on the counter, we felt a push from behind us.

It was the little girl from the bakery aisle. She was now bent on getting to the candy located near the checkout. Her grandmother was not far behind her, begging her to be careful. The woman looked completely rattled and apologetic at the behavior of her grandchild.

We were somewhat rattled as well. But there was a still, small voice within us that spontaneously said we must intercede to plant a positive seed with this child. We acquiesced to it.

“Young lady, what is your name,” we inquired?

She looked up with big, blue eyes that seemed shocked by the question and the interruption of her mission to reach the candy.

“My name is Genesis,” she said.

“My, My, that’s a beautiful name. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful name with so much promise. Do you know what your name means,” we inquired?

Her grandmother was smiling nervously as she looked on.

The little girl looked at me as if to, ‘I have a feeling you are going to tell me whether I want to hear it or not.’

“Your name means the beginning or starting point. We are delighted to meet you, Miss Genesis;” we lowered our eyes and slightly bowed to her.

“Genesis, how old are you,” we asked?

“I am seven years old and I am in Ms. William’s second grade class at school,” replied Genesis.

“Would you accept this present of fruit in my basket,” we asked?

We nodded towards her grandmother as well for her approval.

“ We believe you are going to grow up to be a great lady, and a great leader one day. We saw you on the aisle with your grandfather. You like sweet cakes a lot, don’t you. Well, eat some fruit also, to help you grow big, strong and beautiful. You are something special-something beautiful, my dear,” we told her.

We believe everything has reason and purpose. She was crying out in the bakery aisle for help and for someone to address her need. Most times, love needs help to grow. Here was an opportunity presented to us to in real time to help Genesis understand how to give love back to her grandfather by realizing she had her part to play. It is the very nature of love to forget about self for the sake of others. Love is a two-way street. We are not only recipients of love; we must be love givers.

The Word says this about love in Romans 13:8, it reads:

“Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.”

A number of people in the store had noted her and were nodding their approval. Perhaps they had seen her kick her grandfather as well.

“May we ask another question? Do you know the first five words in the Bible,” we asked?

“No,” Genesis responded sheepishly.

“Well, it begins with a book named as you are named-Genesis and it says, “In the beginning GOD created,” as we held up five fingers and wiggled them.

“Genesis, God has given you five beautiful fingers to create good things. You can create beautiful things, things that bring love to people. That is why we are so excited to meet you and your grandparents. Your grandfather loves you and he knows how important you are to all of us. He wants you to grow up healthy and wise, eating the right foods.

We are going to see that you get a beautiful pink Bible that has Genesis in it to remind you of God’s love for you and our love for you.”

“ May we have a hug from you Genesis,” we inquired with arms stretched out towards her?

She responded back with a big hug. I am convinced Genesis “got it.” Genesis discovered her beginning has purpose and she will develop that purpose to create good. Now she can give away daily what is given all of us on a daily basis- love. Some people live a lifetime without ever knowing their purpose for living. The change we see in her did not require a long period of time, it could have already been in process for a while, simply waiting for our share of input.

What better time to imprint the meaning of love than at the beginning, the Genesis, of one’s life.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

This is a lovely story Ann .I don't know if we would be able to reach out in the same way in England . Different Cultures accept different methods of approaching children , but it is a good story .
Bless you

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author avatar Ms. Ann
4th Feb 2013 (#)

Thank you Stella. This happened to me but it expresses that opportunities are always in our power to connect with another human being to let them see that God expresses His Love for us through other human being. As I have aged and asked God to be get relevant, I seem to see more ways of serving-ways I had not seen before. Thank you again for your comment. God Bless!

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author avatar johnbee
4th Feb 2013 (#)

It certainly is a wakeup call to all parents who let their children grow up without proper discipline.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Feb 2013 (#)

Children are like sponge ever ready to absorb the good and, unfortunately, the bad too. They cannot differentiate easily and get confused by adults behavior. When told of proper behavior they are ready to accept especially when we set an example. Thanks Ms Ann for this touching share. It is our duty to mold the young and that requires patience and time which we are sadly short of due to wrong priorities. siva

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author avatar Ms. Ann
6th Feb 2013 (#)

Thank you Siva. Children are the future.

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