Gender Bias in Living-beings

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Whole Nature is based in favour of females making them more beautiful and to keep the manhood under control through attraction.

A General Observation

As the winter sets in, a general furiousness in street dogs is a thing of general observation. The bitches are in season and on the lookout for mating dogs, with hordes of dogs competing with each other for becoming a mate of each bitch and following her wherever she goes. The competition is so fierce, many dogs get fatally injured in mutual fights. But nowhere, you will find a number of bitches chasing a dog. Neither, the dogs and bitches are artificially trained for this nor, the bitch-population is made to be lower than that of dogs. This underlines the fact that through natural design, females are a preferred species over males. This applies to global human population also, even though the population is artificially cultured for a social discipline of usually one male for a female, except for Islamic culture preaching up to 4 wives for a man.

Lover-Beloved Equation

This gender bias is for two reasons – males are naturally designed to be aggressive lovers while females are supposed to be submissive beloveds. And, a female gets impregnated and hence satisfied for the procreative period through mating with one male only while a male has a capability to impregnate many females in the period. Of course, humans have changed this natural design through use of contraceptives making females too enjoying sex with multiple males without getting impregnated and satisfied. In the present human composition, females are as aggressive as males even in sex and love matters. Still their natural instinct matters.

The men still remain on the lookout for being in contact with females and get easily attracted on seeing one, while the women are more or less passive contacts of men.

Sisterhood versus Brotherhood

It is generally observed that women easily mix up with each other while men have mutual reservations. This is again for the reason that men look at each other as competitors, instinctively, while women have no such feeling for each other. Women may fight with each other on petty matters but quickly forget the difference and soon come to terms with each other for their naturally gifted softness of characters and conducts. Comparatively, men being stronger in their builds and conducts, keep a mutual difference in mind for a long time.

This difference between the two species makes sisterhood more easily established and sustained than brotherhood. Again, the women find preference in establishing and keeping in contact, not only by men but women too. Mutually, women have a sweeter sisterly approach than men have the brotherly tendency.

Online Communities

As a general observation, I find online communities have a majority of women and men in minority. One reason for this minority of men being that they remain occupied in problems of their family’s livelihood more than that for women. This makes men more ambitious about their respective careers and professions than those for women. In-spite of this difference in ambitions of the two, women are proving to be more successful in marketing practices for their natural attractiveness to both men and women. This further enhances population of women in online business and social communities.

Whether it is blogging, article writing, or social networking, everywhere women get more attention, readership and comments not only from men but from other women too.

The Basic Fact

The most fundamental fact about women is that they are generally more beautiful and attractive than men for their body shape and the most attractive of their voluptuous boobs which they present very well to attract gazes of men.

To add beauty to women, there are a huge number of garments, ornaments, cosmetics and other provisions available in the market with very few things for the men. In addition to so much attention of business community to the beauty of women, the women spend more time on care of their respective bodies than men do. Thus, they are not only naturally beautiful, but artificially too.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
4th Feb 2012 (#)

Whatever logic you put in the end we are different, men and women.

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author avatar Ram Bansal
4th Feb 2012 (#)

yes Md Rezaul, men and women are different.

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