Gardening Tips and Tricks - How to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

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We all want beautiful and big gardens, but not all of us are in a position to have a large garden. With some help and effort you can make your garden look larger than it is.


Most of us dream of having a big house in a spacious garden. However, most of the people find themselves living in houses with very small space for gardening. A small garden space means that you will not be able to include all the plantations that you would want to have in the garden. It is important to note that just because you have a small garden; it does not mean that all is lost. If you follow the following tricks and tips, you will be able to make your garden appear spacious bigger and also intriguing.

Ensure all plants are in the right proportion

Trim all the overgrown plants to ensure that they do not occupy more space than they are supposed to. By taking care of proportions, you ensure that no flower or plant appears to be in the wrong place. When establishing plants and flowers in your garden, ensure that they relate well with each other.

Choose flower with the right colors

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The way you arrange flowers in the garden will have a direct impact on the appearance of your garden. To ensure that your garden appear spacious and bigger, use warm colored flowers for example

· red,

· yellow,

· orange

· brown

at the midst of the garden. Use cool colored flowers for example green purple, purple and blue at the boundaries of the garden. This arrangement of flowers will make your garden appear spacious.

Hide fences

You will notice that having fences in your garden makes it look smaller. Therefore, to ensure that your garden looks spacious, you should look at ways through which you can hide these fences. One good way to hide fences is to plant climbers. Within a short time, climbers will have completely covered the fences and this improves the look on your garden in terms of size.

Make paths

Creating paths in your garden is also a good way of giving an impression that your garden is spacious. When designing these paths, it would be best if you make them curved and ending at the end of the garden. At the ends of the curved paths, they should unveil new spaces. Creating new spaces in your garden will give an impression that your garden is spacious.

Go vertical

If you assume a vertical plantation in your garden, the plants and flowers will not appear crowded. An example of a good plant for vertical plantation is Leyland cypress. Choosing such a gardening plant would be a smart choice.

Consider the texture of the plants and flowers

In the same way that colors create an illusion of distance, texture will also provide the same effect, making sure that your lawn space is neat is the first step. Plant’s texture can be divided into three categories i.e. fine, coarse as well as medium. Coarse textured plants catches eyes attention first whereas fine textured ones do not require a keen visual attention. Therefore plant coarse textured plants closer while the fine textured ones towards the edges of the garden.

Accept your limitations

Accept the fact that your garden is small. This does not mean that you exclude your favorite landscaping elements but rather you should limit their proportions. For example instead of building a huge pond that will consume most of the space, you can choose to have a smaller bird bath. Choose landscaping elements that are proportional in size to the size of your garden.


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