From Theory to Application: Three Things Graphic Design Classes Teach

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Graphics design classes offer a way to turn creative talents into a stable job. Many artists never dream that their abilities will transfer into work that pays the bills on a regular basis, but with the proper training and the addition of current technology, a knack for creating sketchbook genius can develop into commercially viable skills in logo or layout design.

Art in Design

Many people think graphic design courses concentrate solely on the computer skills needed for the job. However, a well-rounded course offers theoretical design knowledge and introduction to basic art concepts.

Good design incorporates a certain level of artistic genius. Something as simple as the recognizable Nike logo only maintains staying power because of an intrinsic value recognized in the subconscious mind. Geometry, color choice and style are essential elements to graphic design. Graphic design classes offer students the chance to explore theories and practical applications of these artistic backbones. Classes could include color theory, art history, design theory, history of graphic design, life drawing, illustration and photography. Students begin by exploring influences in the world of graphic design. As coursework continues, participants begin to apply each skill to projects, moving from rough sketches with pencil and paper to detailed electronic artwork or glossy printed layouts.

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Technology in Design

In order to get from the rough sketch to the glossy print, students must incorporate technology into their artwork. This is where the pencil lead meets the viable job opportunity. Without the technical acumen to create electronic documents and images, design students join the ranks of struggling artists. Coursework that addresses technology related to graphic design might include digital photography, print and editorial design, publishing processes, typography, web applications, and the use of graphic design programs. Common programs taught in such courses include Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker and Photoshop. Another popular design program is Quark Xpress. Students will learn to use tablets and a stylus to draw. They will also implement artistic theory through computer programs, adjusting colors and designs with the aid of keyboard and mouse instead of eraser or paintbrush. Upon completion of graphic design classes, students can take a concept from the brainstorming stage through to an image suitable for a print publication or use on a website.

Design Practicality

Of course, all the technology and artistic ability in the world does no good if you are not able to land a job or present your work in a viable format. Most graphic design classes include at least a few courses detailing the practical aspects of the career. For example, students might learn how to create a portfolio that presents their work in the best possible light. They will also learn corporate and business strategies associated with marketing, branding and publishing. The ability to create a unique design with a strong marketing message increases a designer's ability to land work or move up in a corporation or advertising firm. In addition to business related courses, some programs may offer more general education like critical thinking and communication classes. These types of skills often enhance the ability for designers to integrate into the business field through excellent communication and problem solving.

Graphic design is a wonderful career choice for many people. Abundant jobs, a growing need for electronic design and the ability to use creative skill sets to make a living make the field attractive to many. However, without a good foundation in art and practical design, it is hard to land a job in this area. Because it is such a popular career, you may have to compete with others for each position. Classes in design can help you stand out from the competition.

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