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Phil Jellerson By Phil Jellerson, 18th Feb 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Political correctness is now attacking patriotism. Should Christians be patriotic and defend patriotism? This article discusses these issues.

Political Correctness Is Biblically incorrect

There is a dangerous political mind game that is destroying our national exuberance which we know as patriotism. It is the treacherous political thought control we know as “political correctness.” Have you noticed that political correctness always contradicts Bible truth? To be politically correct is to be Biblically incorrect and I sense that is the state of much of Christianity today.

Today we focus on political correctness as it deals with patriotism - showing pride for America - lauding America. Political correctness condemns any expression of patriotism because they view it as racism or exclusionism. Rather than LAUDING America we should LOWER our pride and patriotic fervor so as not inflict grave emotional and psychological pain and suffering on non-Americans. SICK! Please watch this video

Why do I bring up this issue of political correctness and patriotism? Well, do I need to lament that America is not the America we senior Americans were born and raised in? The ideals, morals and character of Americans were nobler and purer then. When we vote for politicians today we are voting for people who hold different ideals, morals and values. They are framing an America that is falling from grace, goodness and greatness.

The truth is, dear Christians, whereas we once could consciously vote for politicians because of America’s godlier and nobler character we can no longer do so. America’s spiritual nature today spawns politicians reminiscent of Noah‘s time. See Genesis 6:5 Why would senior Americans and/or faithful Christians cast votes for politicians of such low degree?

The way I see it is Christians who vote for such undesirable politicians show neither true Americanism or Christianity. Unfit politicians can only lead America further away from God bringing tribulation and ruination. If you will ponder that statement I believe you must see it as “spiritual correctness” which trumps political correctness.

I invite you to thoroughly peruse our Valued Voters website. If you agree with our premise and mission PLEASE JOIN US. You could help to raise the value and desirability of Christian votes. LET US LAUD AMERICA BY LOWERING THE IMPACT OF THE UNGODLY POLITICAL SYSTEM.

Thank you for reading and may GOD BLESS YOU.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
18th Feb 2013 (#)

I am not of your country so I can make no judgement concerning who you should vote for , but I believe Christians should pray for all in leadership ,so that we can live peaceably wherever that may be. I thought Dr Carson's speech was excellent .
God bless you

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
19th Feb 2013 (#)

It is time to dismantle and consign patriotism to the dustbin of history. Patriotism spawns a mindless nationalism, excludes diversity of thought, makes people believe "we are better than they are" and leads to conflict and war. It is time to realize we are all one in this world, all one family, all connected to each other. Patriotism is a curse upon the world.

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author avatar Retired
20th Feb 2013 (#)

We live like a hypocrite who is having double standards and have become desensitized to sin, we know the truth and profess truth but still walking in disobedience. Our Nation has rejected our Godly values and living in constant rebellion against the Will of God. Our society defines immorality as a freedom but Gods word says that "For you have been called to live in freedom. But don't use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love." (Galatians 5:13).

On Judgment Day You’ll Wish You had been Biblically correct Not Politically correct!

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