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Friendship is an asset to the persons who have large number of friends in the society.Like -minded persons are eager to make friend ships with one another. It is essential to make friendship with to sustain the life in the society.

Early friendship

There are a large no of. friends developed between the school children in the school. Life cannot move without their friendship, They are essential in every walks of life. The young boys and girls have developed friendship with their new friends.But in course of time ,the number of friendships are tested and gradually decreased. Real friends come out in small numbers, They know one another ' A friend in need is a friend indeed ' says the proverb like this. It is generally observed that the friend -circles are gradually reduced when they cross the teenage age.When they attain the age of twenties, their friend circles become new and limited .Finally when they enter into service life ,their friend circles are grown and varied In course of time, it is generally understood that all friends are not real friends but acquaintances All of them can not be real friends..It is also a fact that real friends are guide to the life. The help of the friend may enliven the spirit of life. We cannot ignore the existence of friendship because friendship can sharpen intellect,vocabulary. and can enhance smartness .Friends are essential companions.Choice of friends is the main criteria to lead our personal life. If the friends who are interested in drugs, narcotics ete are there to damage the friendship. If the friends who are interested in modern science,astronomy, geography, history, physiology etc are there to improve and enlighten the outlook of the companions.

What is friendship ?

In Sanskrit,there is sloka regarding friendship -'utsobe byasone chaibo durbhikhe, rastrabiplobe, rajdware sashane cho jo tisthati sa bandhabo'' whose english renderings are as follows- Friends are those who remain present in festival,in times of crisis in famine,in war aggression, in the police station, and in burning ghat. They are the real friends. Such friends are few in number.But in some cases, friends are available in large numbers when they remain associated with the affairs of the sports activities and the political arena Friendships .are guided by their own interests If the interests of the persons are different,friendships can not be developed.It is also seen that there are some persons who have no friends and cannot develop friendship. they remain alone. They have no capacity to mix up with like-minded persons. It is their nature ,they do not know how to develop friend ship with others. It is sheer negative mentality of the concerned person.


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author avatar Butterfly38
26th May 2015 (#)

I really like this article. It is brilliantly written, and I agree with what is said about the benefits of friends. I had many problems with my friendships when I was very ill. I soon learned who my true friends were, they stood by me through the good and the bad, were honest and supportive and not spiteful. I have rebuilt my self-esteem through these friends, and my healthy friendships are now flourishing. Good friends make you feel part of society, those who are not good friends make you feel outside society and lonely.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
27th May 2015 (#)

Thanks for encouraging remarks.True friends are real companions, philosopher and guide in life.

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