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Well speaking about friends we should have the right person who we make friendship with nowadays friends are made very easily from what most friends we have those who flirt a lot rather than giving a good helping hand to us when we are in need.........

Be My Buddy..

In Today's generation to get a good friend is nearly difficult,
Because whom we trust the most they cheat us the best,for example i once had a friend whom i trusted the most and would share everything with that person nearly my whole life .we would go to school,college and also to work at the same place,once it so happened every weekend we use to go to the disc after a whole weeks work just to freak out we both would go with our office colleague to the disc.
Once it happened this way my friend whom nearly i trust and depend on him for everything,he betrayed me and broke my entire trust just for one girl who happened to be my sis our friendship whom we have been sharing from childhood till our jobs has no value it all ends up just for a fine day we were suppose to go to the disc he said no reason he is not feeling well so we told him that you take rest and see you the other day in the office.he said ok.we decided to go to the disc with the office colleagues,suddenly there was a change in the plan instead of going to the regular disc where we usually use to hang around,one of our colleagues had passes for a new disc which just opened a week we went to that place that place was awsome it was named three flights up in india it was such a huge disc we had never been to such a huge place in our entire life,we entered the disc started dancing and having a bit of beer for the start,then suddenly my friend appears with my sis to the disc me and my colleagues were astonished and shocked to see my friend at the disc,it was not at all pleasant to see my sis with my friend if it was some other girl no problem but my sis no ways we first started arguing and then instead of he saying sorry he started abusing me in front of my office members,i got wild i started hitting him left and right and told him you have the whole world to fuck around but not my sis because he use to drink a lot when he was with us and fool around too much with girls,it gave me a sudden shock to see her with him when this guy use to come to my place for some work that's the time they got friendly and my sis didn't tell me about this guy if she would tell me a word i have made her cautious about this guy,but unfortunately after we fought again the next day and we broke our friendship which was really valuable to me since i shared a whole lot of good moments with my friend then i realised no matter how good friends we keep to get a good friend and to understand our relation and the willingness to help at any given moment its not a must he should be from childhood he can be from any platform any place any destination as long as the word trust is there between us and his loyalty towards our friendship if maintained then we can definitely trust him.......

A friend in need is a friend indeed this is a real core value for a friend
always remember

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
5th Jul 2011 (#)

Sad. Yes, I know the feeling being betrayed. Painful. But, once you can release the pain, you'll be stronger. Thank you for sharing the story.

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author avatar clayton
5th Jul 2011 (#)

Thank you ms lila bangsawan hope you liked my article take care ....

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