Fresh Herbs and Wreaths

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It was practice in years gone by to create wreaths and garlands all with herbs for your home. These creating delighted the senses with fresh herbs that would give sweet fragrances as it dries to your home.

Fresh Herbs and Wreaths

I remember my mom making this amazing wreath for our home in the old country. All with the herbs that she planted herself in her garden. She made the wreath with grapevines or other twigs twisted and interwoven to form the base for further decoration.
This is also how I learned about these herbs.
We use bay leaves, rosemary, and sage and all of the flowers that would dry naturally in the warn air.
She use to say that this would bring a fragrant medley to many that would come and visit and that it had healing of friendships for many visits to come.
Then the hardest part was to hang the herbal wreath in a dry kitchen away up high and away from the direct sunlight.
These are found memories that I do have of my mom, we laughed together creating items from a garden, which she was extremely proud of.
When people use to come from a visit they use to sniff the sweet smell of her goodies that she planted.

Decorating Candles also all done with her herbs.

I remember her asking my dad that for her birthday she wanted from wax from the bee keep further way from us.
My father not knowing what she wanted came home with 3 glasses of honey.
She was extremely nice and she said well we now have honey to go with our tea. My father did not like tea.
The next week we went to see the bee keeper for the wax.
When we got home I wanted to do right away. I had to wait for the next day to do our creation. She stated that when you create you must put love into your work and that takes time.
She melted all of the wax in a very old cast iron pot. The kitchen smelled so good.
Then she had these funny wood shapes to put the hot wax into it.
The worse part waiting for it to dry.
To this day I don’t like waiting for things to dry.
When it was all done she soaked those wood shapes with the wax in water for easy removal of the wax.
Then with pine sap, we glued our herbs and dry flowers to these candles. She used orange skins in some others had mint.
It takes a measure of patience to compose a Victorian-style candle.
Home made with love she would say.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
13th Feb 2015 (#)

I am sure those candles would sell great at farmer's markets and such, very nice.
I planted an herb garden when we first moved here but weeds have taken over most of it.

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author avatar ORourkeDesigns
13th Feb 2015 (#)

Mark for herbs I use pots they are easy to control from those lovely weeds. Mint specially will take over the entire space of your garden it grows crazy. Use clay pots for those.

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author avatar Julie
16th Feb 2015 (#)

I remember my honey parsley candle you gave me. A special gift for Just Because! You are a great inspiration for all of us that are truly blessed to know you. Thank you for every thing M.

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