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We all want to have friends. Some of our friends are the best friends that one can have. But what makes someone a friend? Is it because they are friendly? Is it because they like you?

How can I be a friend?

We have heard that if we want to have friends that we should be friendly. Well what does friendly mean? According to the dictionary, friendly means to relate to, to be favorably disposed, to be warm and comforting. Wow! I would like to add my own definition of friendly; supportive, intimate,companionable advocate,and neighborly. How many of us have friends like that? I have few. The real question is; Am I a friend like that?

Who are my friends?

In our teen years we had lots of friends. Some of them we hung out with, spent the night with and told our deepest secrets to; others we just acknowledged in passing. They were really just acquaintances meaning we had basic knowledge of them but it wasn't an intimate knowledge. As adults I believe we have few real friends that support us and share intimates facts about our lives.

What A Friend

I am 52 years old . Learning to be a good friend has been a recent experience for me. Each day I am growing more mature towards others. Its all because of my best friend Jesus. He has given me the perfect picture of the friend that everyone needs. He is the friend that I can lean on for support in every circumstance of my life. When I felt alone He gave me brothers and sisters in the faith to ease my loneliness. When I turned to mankind and gave myself to others in exchange for earthly love He forgave me. When I was blind to His love for me, He patiently waited for me. As I tried to change myself without lasting results He understood the error in my thinking. When sadness squeezed my heart and I poured out thousands of tears and words to Him, He always listened and wiped my tears away. As anger gripped my thought life and I practiced vengeance, He showed me how wrong I was. When I was wanting what others had He helped me to be content with what He had provided for me. As others talked about me and slandered my name He defended me. My relationship with Him is based on heart; intimacy in other words; He knows me and I know Him. At one time in my life I only knew about Him, and what someone else had told me. Now the relationship is different because we communicate with each other. If it were not for my friend Jesus I would not know the sacrifice it takes or how to be a friend to others.


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I love nature and my family, kids and grandkids. I believe that all relationships begin with Jesus and will end without him. Life is simply all about Jesus and Me and then Me and You.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Nov 2013 (#)

Having and maintaining real friendship is becoming tougher as we run endlessly from pillar to post with short attention span - siva

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author avatar darlin4071
23rd Nov 2013 (#)

Siva..that is such a true statement. We have become so busy and it is so easy to forget how much of a blessing that true friendship can be.. Thank you for reading Forever Friends.

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