Foods to Eat to Conceive a Boy

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What Foods to Eat to Conceive a Boy. Diet to conceive a Boy. Tips to get pregnant with a baby boy.

Foods to Eat to Conceive a Boy

Mostly parents who will be having their first child want a baby boy. But we cannot completely control on having what gender of child we want. Some studies have shown that eating specific foods will raise the odds of having a boy baby. A recent study indicated that women who consume more daily calories (as much as about 2200) and consumed breakfast were more likely to conceive a boy. Based on a study performed by British researchers (led by Dr. Fiona Mathews) at the University of Exeter, 56 percent of women who consumed a high calorie diet at conception delivered a boy, while only 45 percent of women in the low calorie range produced sons. Another is that the odds of conceiving a boy can also be increased by timing intercourse for the day before or day of ovulation rather than earlier. The sperm that will make boy babies are more fragile and unstable compare to sperm that will make girls. Now in the vaginal tract is too acidic, sperm for males might not survive, so opting for alkaline foods over acidic foods is suggested.

For mothers who intend to change her diet for having a boy baby she needs to realize that she should intake the amount of foods she is eating. If you indeed want to have a boy baby, then try to eat more calories each day and make them from the required foods to eat to conceive a boy. Some women who want sons bump up their caloric intake and start making breakfast a priority. It is said that women who eat breakfast had an 87% increased chance of conceiving a boy. Cereal are most commonly serve during breakfast and most cereals (and use your head here) are high in fiber, nutrients, and vitamins. Eating breakfast cereal on a regular basis makes for a high consumption of cereal and calcium and it increases your chances of conceiving a boy by making it a point to have at least one bowl of cereal per day.

Another source is that eating bananas will help you to conceive a baby boy, since it is very rich in potassium. This myth is based on high sodium / potassium containing foods. Although banana is rich in potassium but it has low sodium. But if you don’t want to eat banana everyday then try other foods that are high in potassium like (potatoes, raisins, orange juice and yogurt). The question now is how potassium works in order to have a boy one. Well it all has to do with alkaline levels in your body (specifically your vaginal canal); you need to alkalize your vaginal tract. Higher potassium levels can lower the PH of your body to make the conception environment more accommodating for the Y chromosome sperm (male sperm). So in connection with this you need to go on a diet that is very high in alkaline foods. Examples of this are almost all veggies with the exception of corn.

It seems that it really take discipline and self-controlling to follow this things. There are some methods which work faster, such as douching. But if you plan to try this method, better to consult your doctor first. After doing this entire dietary supplement it is very important to monitor what you put in your body when trying to conceive a boy or a girl either. A healthy diet can be not good only good for you but also for your new family.


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author avatar A K Rao
4th Aug 2012 (#)

This is an interesting article! Though I am a Vet and regularly involved in breeding the Thoroughbreds I never have given any thoughts in this direction! Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar Denise O
5th Aug 2012 (#)

What a darn interesting page. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar How to conceive a boy
13th Aug 2012 (#)

I came across this website who provided me the formula to conceive a boy
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author avatar Supriya
31st May 2013 (#)

pls suggest how can we check about alkaline in vaginal tract.

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author avatar Ricah
28th Jun 2013 (#)

How can viginal a acids be minimised?

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author avatar Valery
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Baby gender by picture of parents

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