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The reason is simple: lazy. Because it's special to you who feel lazy to exercise but hope is always fresh and healthy body.

The Lazy People

The desire to lose weight there, fitness membership card there, there was a time to exercise, but still difficult to move away from the pillow pet and favorite series.

As a result, you never left the couch and always have an excuse for not exercising. The reason is simple: lazy. Because it's special to you who feel lazy to exercise but hope is always fresh and healthy body. You can try the following few tips anytime, anywhere, reported by Genius Beauty:


When brushing your teeth, try to pull back your right leg, as high as possible, and hold it for your upper teeth brushing. When brushing teeth bottom, do the same for the left leg. This serves to tighten the buttocks and increase flexibility


Avoid crossing her legs under the table, still straighten your legs. Crossing your legs is very dangerous for your back and contribute to accelerate the onset of scoliosis. Try to imitate the posture of a woman's body from the movie in the 50s, their posture is really a standard of beauty with your back straight while sitting in a chair.

Stairs Home and Office

Moving with the load on the heel instead of the finger. If you are using the heel as a pedestal, the entire load will be in the back leg and hip. Whereas if you rely on a finger, will increase the load on the knee and the calf which can cause pain when walking.


Want to train the chest muscles but lazy to do push ups? Do this, press your palms together two approached the chest, as if in prayer. And began pushing both hands together loudly. You will immediately feel the pressure. Do this 50 times a day, and you immediately get a positive change.

Clean the House

Combine chores such as washing dishes and mopping floors, in addition to losing weight, you can also stretch the upper Orot, buttocks, and abdomen.

Bad Habits That can Ruin Morning Mood

Wake up early for most people becomes the most difficult thing to do, especially after a long holiday. In fact, not many know, get up early to be useful, not only to improve health. Without realizing it, the human brain is more active when the sun rises. Wake up in the morning, can help you improve concentration during the move. But, underneath it all, a lot of people just do bad habit in the morning which led to damage your health and mood. What are those bad habits? As reported by Boldsky following:

Waking up in a state of upset

The alarm can be the cause of someone getting up in the morning full of emotion. When you get used to waking up early morning because the alarm is ringing, it's not a good thing. When waking up, the muscles of the body should move slowly. However, because the alarm sound, usually a person wakes up in the morning in a state of shock. According to researchers from the University of Munich, mobile alarm and an alarm clock in the morning is very disturbing the body's biological clock. Naturally the body has a cycle drowsiness, which if disturbed profoundly affect general health.

Never stretch

After a deep sleep, the muscles of the body will be stiff. You need to stretch these muscles. It is very important to ensure that your body can be flexible and not rigid.


Almost everyone started the day with a cup of tea, or coffee. In fact, this is the wrong way. If you want to keep drinking tea, replace it with green tea because it is good for health.

Checking Mobile Phone

Technology has become an important thing for everyone, especially cell phones. These objects are difficult to remove from the grip. Including, making its consumer checking the phone shortly after waking up. Psychologists say that this does not make you happy, it gives a bad mood all day.


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I am not sure I like being called lazy, but I do like the tips provided here for those of us who have trouble exercising. In my case I am disabled so many exercises are difficult to do. The ones you list here seem easy enough to do.

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