First Night After Marriage

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atmosphere of first night after marriage, and does every partner wants sex at first night?

First Night After Marriage

First Night After Marriage

What our partner want at the first night after marriage we should know it, to make successful married life. After the knowing what she or he want, we should do it but the question is that ‘Does every partner want sex at the first night? ’ and if your answer is yes then what happened at that time. Truly when the addition of eyes to eyes happen that Is the real starting of love.
When in the close room eyes meet with eyes and woman disgraced and sight of woman goes down. Male goes towards the woman heart beat goes high of both male goes ahead and woman goes backward but wall resist her and male reach at the woman, male hold the hands of woman by her shoulder and say, “what are you thinking?” but woman in shame have no answer after see this male pull her towards him and keeps her at the wall support and the both hand of male are at the waist of woman, and with that woman keeps her hand on the male’s neck and male say, “I Love you, Baby” and with seeing in the eyes of male woman replied, “I Love You, too” and they kissed the kissing is continuously and with that the hands of male caress the body of the woman, at the waist, at the stomach and some times his hands hold the woman nearer to him and after that hands reach at the breast, and slowly slowly both the hands try to make her nude slowly slowly his hands remove the top, after that, unhook the bra, and the kissing stopped and the eyes of male goes to the juicy breast who excited to come out from the bra..
After the make her nude he is sucking the breasts and woman get horny. Then woman make his penis hard and suck it with good sound...
After some times both on the bed and woman slip and male start to kissing every part of woman body and starts with legs, he kissed the soft white leg, then up at the soften thigh and after that he sucks between the two leg and make her wet, then he kisses at stomach and woman get titillation and become mad and then sucks the both the breast, then both kisses lips to lips and this happened for some times and then penis goes into vulva and both get amazing happiness and we can learn the love bites.....
After some times letter both are nude on the bed and hands in hands and both talk about happiness during sexxxx….

But one question still remaining
Does every partner want sex at the first night of marriage??????


First Kiss, First Night

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