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I am Muslim..Why? Because my parents are Muslim....I am Hindu....Why? Because My parents are HOW FAITHFUL CHILDREN ARE WE!

We must find out our religon, instead of blind faith on our parents.

Did you ever realize or did you ever think, if the religion we are following is really true? or blindly we are following our parent's religion, and our parents followed their parents religion and it will be spread among all our future generation. Lets see that how faithful children are we, Suppose your parent's ask you to murder some one, will you? NO! why? it is against the country law. Suppose your parents ask you to marry a person to whom you don't know him/her, will you go ahead blindly? NO! why? its the matter of my life, I have to know him/her before I marry. See now how wise we are, but why we are stupid on the matter of religion that is most important issue and our identity in this world, without research, investigation we are just following our religion like a robot.

In our parent's or say grand parent's time there was no any facility was available for research, even those people were not aware what is search engine and how you can do research on so sensitive issue of religion, so they just keep following their parent's religion. But in this century it is very easy for us to do a reliable research by sitting on chair only.

When i was in college, some one criticize on my religion and he said that how you believe that Quran (Holly book of Muslims) is really written by your God? and how you know that this is true? I just keep quite and without answering him I left that conversation. In the evening I asked my dad that why we are Muslim? and why we have that strong faith on our book the Quran? and the way he clarify me, I was convinced, he very simply asked me that if I am out of country, and i return back from the tour, I find out newspaper delivered in my absence, which one I am going to pick up first? I said of course the latest one, he smiled and told me that we are also following the latest book Quran that is also from the same author of Bible ( Injel ), Torah & Zaboor. . He said when people make changes in the holy book Bible< Author of the book GOD give us new book QURAN that is about 85% same like BIBLE, then I smiled and i asked him how we knows that QURAN is not changed or edited by some one? he again convinced me, he said I am very much sure that this book is still like an original book as revealed, he said if you want to make sure go to 20 different cities or countries and collect from each city one BIBLE & one QURAN, he said it is guaranteed that when you will compare those books all 20 BIBLES will be different, while all the QURANS collected from 20 different places will be same.

I was also confused about one saying in our religion that all the non Muslims will go to hell after the world will finish, while during my foreign tours of many countries I even go to interiors of those countries, and once when i was touring in China, I was in one very small village of China, we travel there by a boat from Shanghai, it was a small village where the parents of my that Chinese friend were born, and he take us there for just outing. People living there were illiterate, there was no any international TV Channel, and I am talking about this tour 25 years ago when computer and mobile phones were not common like now, It was a traditional village, no any Muslim was living there, then I think that what is the fault of these people who are living here, who even don't know what is Islam? No one preach them here about any religion, and if they dies why they will go to hell? and when i discuss this point with one Muslim scholar he told me that only those who get the message of Islam and did not follow they will go to hell.

During my research I find out that Muslims belief on Quran and Christians belief on Bible, and Christians do not believe that Quran is a holy book, but if they believe that Quran is holy book also like the Bible and Quran is the last book from GOD, I think then there is no point to follow the old book, like we follow the latest constitution of the country instead of the older one.

I am sure that by using computer technique there are many ways to find out that Quran is a Holy book also by following few links here under:-

There are many other sources also to find out that what is the fact? and you should spare some time for finding out the fact for finding your religion Message of the Prophet Muhammad who was the last messenger of God deliver the message of Allah (God) that there is only one God and Muhammad is his messenger and Quran is the last book from God, those who believe on that are Muslims. There is a lot of literature about message and Quran on web, if some one really interested can research.

Why the non Muslims are now well established financially than Muslims?

As it is mentioned in Quran that GOD is for whole universe not only for Muslims ( Rab UL ale-min) when God is for whole universe, he never unfair with those who are not Muslims, I am agreed that non Muslims are now having good deeds than Muslims, so God is giving them reward of their good deeds in this world in cash, while in the end there is no any reward for them like heaven, while heaven is not also booked for only Muslims, only those Muslims who are really practicing Muslims and have good deeds they will go to direct in heaven, while those who are not practicing and even not having good deeds, they will go in the heaven, but not directly, they will pay their sins by living in the hell for some period. It is really a very good chance for those non Muslims who have now good deeds in this world they already getting reward of their deeds in cash, if just do a small research on Islam, might be they will get the reward of heaven too.


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author avatar amrocrm
19th Mar 2011 (#)

good stuff

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author avatar Humza
19th Mar 2011 (#)

nice write siddiqui!
and welcome to wikinut
thnx for the share!

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author avatar Dafeenah
19th Mar 2011 (#)

I am a muslim. I was raised christain. While I agree with some of what you have written, there are a few points I do not, but every person is entitled to their own opinion. However overall, it is a good article. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Siddiqui
19th Mar 2011 (#)

I know< I cant challenge your opinion, but if you like to share with me on those points, you are not agreed, i will appreciate, If you not want to share it here, you can write to my mail

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Apr 2011 (#)

I was raised Christian, but spent a lot of time learning about other religions. I think Sufism is one of the best. I will agree with you that if a person simply accepts their parents religion it isnt real.

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