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“Where to find God” has been the innate question of every human being from the beginning of his existence. Saints and sages roam about in search of God and His riddles in life. Is He up in so-called heaven? Or is He residing in the towering structures of magnificent temples and churches?

Religions tell where we can find God

Man’s search for God has been a long journey. Where to find God? He is just around you- in everyone you meet, on your working table, and everywhere.

Religions tell where we can find God

Religions state that God is omnipresent and is present everywhere. All religions insist this omnipresence of God. As Psalms 139:8 sings, “”f I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there”, God’s presence is everywhere.

Pantheists state that God is present in every living being and in every non-living object. They believe that God is found in every atom and cell.

Hinduism believes that everything is the image of God and God is present in everything. The mythological story of Baktha Prahlada is about proving God’s presence in every atom.
In order to prove the truth of God’s omnipresence, Lord Vishnu appeared from a pillar and killed the demon king Hiranyakashipu when Prahlada prayed him.

Men of wisdom and saints in search of God

Men of wisdom and saint seek God in every living. That spirit of meeting God in every living being made St. francis of Assisi call the sun and moon as his brother and sister and command a tree to speak to him of God.

Poets find Him in nature and beauty. They sing the glory of God looking at the beauty of blossoming flowers. The National Poet of India Bharathiar addressed Lord Vishnu in the black figure of crow and roaming clouds of gray color. For him birds of the air were messengers from God.

Can we find God on our working table?

Life is the gift of God. By living every second of life with the love of God and doing everything according to His will we can find God on our working table. God is love. If every action of our life is based on love and we execute it to the glory of God, it becomes it becomes divine. In thought we become one with God.

A Christian saint Josemaria Escriva once wrote, “God waits for us every day, in our house, in our working place, in the army barracks, in the factory, in the fields and in all the immense panorama of work. We should understand that there is something holy hidden in situations which we think are most ordinary. We discover God everywhere and live with Him and with all His divine happiness”.

If we find God on our working table, all our works become divine. We can be closer to God in our kitchen preparing food for our people. We can be closer to God in helping others in whom we find God. We can be closer to God in every difficult and troubled situation.
Our life will be filled with happiness by the presence of God and our closeness with Him.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
20th Dec 2012 (#)

God is inside and the witnesses are the earth before us. The creation and beauty represents God. Thanks for the nice share.

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20th Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you dear Karim.

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author avatar vpaulose
28th Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you dear.

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