Festival of Colours - Holi

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This article provides useful facts and information about the Iolndian festival of Colour - Holi. Holi is very popular in India. If you want to know more about Holi, read on this article.

Festival of Colours

India is a country blessed with number of festivals. A very popular festival known as Holi, is celebrated during the summer month of March. Schools, colleges, banks, government and private offices are closed on this day, as the entire nation celebrates the festival of colours. It is believed that even Lord Krishna played Holi.


Man, women, children and people of all ages come together and play Holi. Traditionally, people play Holi by throwing red coloured powder on face of each other. However, during the passage of time, people started playing with all the types of colours – red, yellow, green, pink, gold, silver, blue and even black. People even started playing with colourful water. The coloured water is prepared by mixing powdered colour with water. Plastic toy guns are available in the market. Children generally fill colourful water in the toy guns and throw colourful water through such toy guns. Children even through coloured water balloon on passersby. People who play Holi have lots of colours on their faces and sometimes it becomes difficult to recognize such people. Holi is rightfully called as, the festival of colours.

End of enmity

People play Holi not only with their friends but even with their enemies. People forget about hatred relationship and come together to play the colourful festival of Holi. Thus, the significance of the festival lies in the fact that even enemies become friends. So, Holi is a good time to end all the hatred relationship and beginning of new friendship.

Bon Fire

On the night before the festival begins; people usually light bon fire. The lighting of bon fire takes place due to different traditional beliefs. People generally worship the lighting on the night and then play with colours on the next day.

Music, dance, songs, sweet and special milk

People dance with music and then drink special cold milk known as Thandai. People prepare delicious homemade sweets and then send sweets to their relatives. In some states, people visit their relatives in the evening, exchange sweets and play Holi.

Different states of India observe Holi festival in different traditions. In some states, people sing Holi songs. People in some states even play pranks on other, like April fool’s day.

Playing Holi is indeed a splendid and wonderful experience. Many tourists visit India on the festival day to play Holi. Tourists enjoy playing Holi. So when are you coming to India, to play Holi?

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
21st Mar 2012 (#)

I have always thought that the festival of Holi sounds fun, but not a place to wear your best clothes.

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author avatar aerial
22nd Mar 2012 (#)

Yes you, said it, you must collect your old clothes before the festival, wear it on Holi and then throw it off!!

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