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We all have been children.. A child of nature; a child of life. But the blessing of MOTHERHOOD are not always given to all of us..

A Woman called

We all live in a life of a ordinary rat-racing life. A life where our existence are as important to the next person to us. We all have qualms; we all have problems, we face life’s ordeal with courage and sometimes defeat. Often times, we squandered, full of zest and triviality of this life. Always in need of someone to be with, searching for that ultimate love of a lifetime.
Love can give us enough reason to live and love can also give us reason to end living it. It can give us the missing pieces of our life and sometimes, makes us lose something in return. After achieving your dreams, after reaching your goals, after you went to the places you want to go. Have you ever wonder to look back? Have you even remember the hand that led you where you are right now? We consider our spouses, our partners, our lovers, the bind close to our heart. We think that they are the person that are connect to our soul. That they share our griefs and joys, our fears and our dreams. But i guess, they are not really the true and only person that deals with this things with us.

Do you know or have you ever known a person who can stay the whole night through, even up to the next day without qualms just to serve your needs even without pay? Or a person who would jump as soon as you ask something from them? A person who sometimes, when you are mad about something would just swallow your sudden harsh words to them and give you understanding instead? Who will listen to even your stupidest reason for crying over something? And definitely someone you can rouse even when they are sleeping when you need someone to talk to? There is a person behind you in everything you do and going through. She doesn’t mind being your stepping stone in achieving all your dreams. She was patiently doing things for you for as long as you can remember. She sacrificed; bled and almost die for you. She put your best interest before her own sake. If she could she will face every single things that could hurt you just to keep you safe and sheltered from all these. And the only person who can feel you pain even in your silence.
She is the real TIE that binds in your heart; the only person connected not just to your umbilical cord but to your soul. The only person who can give and teach you the true meaning of love. And the only person who can really accept the good and bad side of your being with perfect understanding. The person who have lost her own identity to carry someone else name. The only person who are willing to forget her existence and live in her little world of multi-tasking, haggle and juggling, of joys and hurtful moments of forgive and forget, in any given situations. And definitely, the only person who will receive you with open arms even when you’re a failure. The person you sometimes forget yet still loves you, the only person you can call.. MOTHER..

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author avatar Lady Jane Abella
A person who loves to read and write.I love to express & share my thoughts from things that i have learned. Hoping to touch other peoples' heart, give them hope and show them that life is so beautiful

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