Falling In Love When Retired

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Even if we come to the poiint where we retire from a life of work, we are entitled to love someone. The love doesn't ask for your age. When it comes, it comes also when you are in the seventies. Young people don't approve, but what do they know about it?

To Fall In Love When Retired

Many times I had thought how it would be to fall in love in the same condition as when you were just a teenager. It would be possible to fall in love again in the retired age, but hardly in that earth quaking manner as when you were 16.

As an adult, mature person, you normally remember how complicated to be totally infatuated with someone. However, even if you are retired, don't think that your love life is.
When you take a beautiful woman or a handsome man, you can be sure that your hormones are sharp. This doesn't automatically means that you have to jump on the person for your desire.

To Be Left Alone

A couple, married for let's say forty or fifty years, have a shared love that is many times stronger than what they felt when they met. It is a sense of trust, friendship and hope for the future. It is a feeling almost unbreakable. The couple can predict the thoughts of their partner. You may think this is horrible, and nothing you would like to meet.
Wrong. This is a sense of belonging together, and nothing is to compare with it. You may
well discuss with your better half and you may also be pretty angry because of things he or she says or does. But when your partner leaves home to do some errands in the town, you feel
free and happy for about half an hour or so. Then you begin to wonder when he or she is coming home again. You are uneasy, bored, and you don't know what to do with yourself.
When finally your partner returns, everything lightens up and returns to normal. That' love.

The Incredible Opposite Sex

As a young person, you look at the opposite sex as something incredible that should be conquered in one way or another. When you meet someone of your liking, of course you want to please this person. You also want that the focus of your heart also finds you attractive.
I am sure that you remember your first love. The earth stopped spinning and all of a sudden
the birds in the trees were still. You didn't hear or see anything but the love in front of you.
Equally sad and disruptive it could be when your partner declares that he or she doesn't need to be with you anymore. It can be an experience that you will find quite difficult to rescue you from. A wise woman once said to her daughter:
"Don't cry, go out and buy a new hat. You should know that boys are like streetcars, every ten minutes there comes a new one.

When you are in the age of retiring, sex is not any more the most noteworthy thing in the world. Of course, sex would still be the spice of life and that is Ok. But it isn't the first thing on your agenda. When the time comes, and you have forgotten all about it, then you might as well be knitting on the sweaters of your grandchildren.

When You Have Reached A Mature Age

One of the parents may find someone new that gives them hope in life. The youngsters do not accept. I don't find it shocking at all. On the contrary, why shouldn't a person share their newly found happiness with someone they love.

Youngsters maintain from time to time that they have found the love of their life. Immediately the parents oppose them and say that ' you are so young, you cannot possibly know any-thing about love'. This may be true, but not always. Many couples have found their spouse in school.

Finally, I want to say that we should all respect the feelings of our fellow human beings. You can never understand how strong a feeling is. The only thing we could say, is that a strong feeling is like a golden chain. Unbreakable. From my book 'In Other Words'
True Love
When love for you is here,
You feel for sure the atmosphere,
Just one and only of a kind,
Before you know it, you go blind.

You look through glasses, stained with pink
Without rhyme and reason you will think,
Your mind completely out of sight,
Nothing you will do is right.

You try to please your dearest,
She is I hope your nearest,
But don't forget to live your life,
Even though she is your future wife.

When months have passed, or even years,
And both of you have shared some tears,
Remember then that after storm and thunder,
There are always days with sun and wonder


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author avatar Valeria
5th Dec 2015 (#)

Hello Carl, I was interested to read your story because I am 65 years old and I recently fell in love. For me I fell much harder than I ever did at 16. In fact my friends have been telling me that I am acting like a 16 year old. I never experienced anything like this before and at times it has been sweet but it also has been very painful. I have been out of control as if I am on drugs, I say all the things that I shouldn't say and do things that I shouldn't do. I tell myself "Don't say that or don't do that" but then I go and say or do and end up beating myself up. I feel like I am destroying any chance of a relationship by my crazy behavior. When I see him he might just as well walk across to me and pop a pill in my mouth - the craziness begins. All I can do is pray about it and hope that somehow things will work out fine.

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