Facing your Baby Bites

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Typically, the first tooth, when the baby is six months old. So grow teeth, gums itch.

The First Tooth

Sore caused, due to bite your baby, nipple, often makes the mother to stop breastfeeding. If this happens, of course detrimental to the baby and the mother herself. In fact, breast-feeding when the baby begins to have teeth, is a natural process. Typically, the first tooth, when the baby is six months old. So grow teeth, gums itch. Thus, when sucking breast milk, baby biting, to reduce the itch. In addition to teething, there are other reasons why a baby biting:

# Sticking imperfect
This, causes the nipples become sore. Babies who are breastfed, with perfect adhesion, physically could not bite because of her mouth is open wide, and the nipple into the mouth.

# Curiosity
Babies have a great curiosity, even in the mother's nipple. Often, baby nipple regard, as a toy, and express their feelings, through bites.

# Falling asleep while feeding
Infants may have bitten, when he fell asleep during feeding. Preferably, the mother noticed baby, while feeding. If he had his jaw movements slow down, try to remove the baby's mouth, slowly.

# Caution baby sidetracked
Babies can be easily distracted, if they turn away, see something. That's when he could begin to bite. Note if you turn the baby's head, and looks to be biting. Calm down, put your little finger, to the corner of his mouth, and place it on the gums. Babies prefer to bite the finger, rather than the breast.

# Biting the end of breastfeeding
Some babies bite when feeding session will end. Recognize the signs will be finished nursing infants, to avoid bites.

With the existence of this article, is expected to prospective mothers will breastfeed, or who is now feeding her baby, in order to continue his desire, to feed the baby. No need to fear again, the threat bite your baby. All done, for the good and the health of your baby. With breastfeeding, bonding between mother and baby were, the more closely intertwined. And, certainly, will reduce your expenses. Thank you.


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