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People use Facebook to keep up with friends. Know what status speaks!

About facebook status messages

Facebook is a popular online social network. It is used in smart phones or desktop, but also by traditional Java phones. It may be just as Twitter micro-blog no short, simple text messages. People sending text messages is known as status updates. People use it to post what they think is in his minds, then they can get comments, from other users. If you are an ordinary person, then there are your friends to comment on. If you are a celebrity, the profile must comply with their own comments from fans. If you have a fame, than fans are your subscribers.

More people join Facebook daily and for those who have a large number of fans, it is recommended for new users or subscribers of the list of the recommendation. Plus the amount of fans or those that you have on Facebook, the exposure you get, and that fans or participants, you can more quickly get fame. It always shows the status will update profile or Facebook timeline page written by the user. In addition, it will appear on their friends, news feed. At present it can be displayed through the desktop computer or a mobile phone. It is really useful, when it displays on the desktop, and it does not prevent people from accessing through mobile phones, Facebook status, or Facebook offers through their account to notify you.

Celebrities in general receives status, or offers, such in accounts of a large number, and comments. It depends on the number of friends actually normal to others and depends on the post even if only the content is interesting, then you gets the comments of users. Posting one of the interesting comments, is not easy or difficult. It depends on your own creativity to write something unique, or you can search the internet with your skills and display them in your Facebook. The interesting thing is the most creative will be posted to the quotation, more people will click, such as comments and share them. Today, there are many sites on the Internet is a series of Facebook status, users can access a huge database. These Web pages to easily find using the search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. In addition, these sites are looking so we look forward to quotations as determined in the general or the subject. Then the quotes can be shared into our profile by just a few clicks of buttons. If you are a frequent reader of newspaper or a magazine, often we find that interesting quotes from the update status in Facebook.

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You have given a nice share, Harmony - siva

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