Experiences for Grandmother and Baby

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Grandmothers are often called upon to take care of the grandchildren when both parents work. The love shared between the child and the grandparent is endearing and will lasts forever. Reminder of how important life can be for the senior as well as for children.

Baby and Grandmother Enjoying the Day

What a wonderful experience to be able to have your first grandchild given to you from birth to be taken care of and to love. As a mother like all young mothers, I had to work and help support the family so I did not have as much time with my son as I would have liked. My granddaughter was born and I was living in the house with my son and his wife so that I could tend to her while mamma had to go to work. Mamma had to drive from one city to another in order to reach her job. This cut down on the precious time she had and I understood how deeply she felt having to leave baby behind. I tried to love baby for us both so that she would grow up knowing that she had her mother's love and the love of grandmother while she was a baby. Perhaps, I had gotten to close but when it is your grandchild it is impossible not to love baby so dearly.

Many Mothers have extended drives to get to work

The drive was very long so that meant many hours away from baby and I am sure not pleasant experience for mamma. I always felt very sorry for her but I was truly blessed to be able to take care of such a beautiful baby. Early in the morning baby was given to me and our day would start with a little hug and a prayer. I thing that this is a grandmothers dream to be able to stay home and take care of baby without worry about having to go to work. Especially for us grandmothers who had to work when our first babies were born and could not be there for their every moment. This helps us to enjoy our grandchild and share our love as we were meant to do.

Baby begins the day

Our day began with her smiles that seem to light up the room. She would coo and giggle a lot first thing in the morning. I would change her and sit in the rocking chair feeding her and talking to her in a very soft voice. Do not think that babies cannot respond because my little darling’ face was full of expressions. We would rock away the morning me talking to her and baby responding with her sweet smiles and cooing sounds.

Baby was always happy kicking her feet and laughing. I cannot remember her crying very much. She makes a loud noise when I left her and walked into the other room but not cry. I got so I would take her with me even if I had to use the stroller to do that. I found a mobile that played about twelve different songs which baby really enjoyed. She would actually kick her little feet to the beat of the music. When the songs were slow, she would slow down and keep the beat when the songs were at a faster beat she would speed up. I know that baby would grow up to be a beautiful dancer.

Afternoon for Grandma and Baby

Later in the day, I would go to the dining room and kitchen to clean up a bit and cook dinner. Baby and I enjoyed that time together. I would put the radio on the country music station and sing to her. I do not know how I got much done but together we did. One of the things that I noticed she liked was the overhead ceiling fan. I had her setting up in the stroller and she would watch the fan blades go round while I did the dishes. Later in life when we go to restaurants, first thing she noticed was those fans. I thought about her experience of watching the fan while I worked in the kitchen. It is amazing how something so simple would affect a person.

Day full of love and joy with baby

The day was filled with so much caring and love for the baby that it gave me the most happiness that I have ever had in my life. It is so sad that more people cannot have this time with their first grandchild. The experience will stay with me always and I am sure that it will stick with baby as well. No matter how far apart we may be in distance in heart, mind, and soul we will always be together. I am very happy as a grandma for this experience and know that I was truly blessed for those precious moments with my granddaughter. I dedicate this story to her and to my son who I love most dearly and hope as she grows up and gets older that she will read this and understand how much her grandmother loved her and never wanted to leave her or lose her because of the circumstances that surrounded us.

Grandchildren Provide Moms with Second Chance in Life

I was very lucky with my own son even though I had to work and take care of other children he too had a very loving grandmother who cared for him. That was a wonderful experience for him and I know that he loved his grandmother dearly. She was a wonderful lady and no matter what happened during his growing years she was always there and I made sure that she never had to suffer from not being able to see him or hold him. Unfortunately, she passed away by the time he was six years old but I know he still remembers her and the love he had for her is still with him and cherished for those special moments. The love between grandparents and grandchildren is very precious and should never be taken away for any reason.

Our grandchildren are the second chance we get in life to be loved and to love with a pure love. I am glad for the newer grandparent laws that give the grandparent visiting rights. However, the right to be with your grandchild should not be hindered by others for trivial things because life is just too short and grandparents are not forever. Childhood does not last forever either so the bonding experience is best done starting at birth, right up to the teen years. The years a child and a grandparent share are most important and when separated because of divorce, family feuds, distances, or other causes can cause harm to the child and the grandparent.


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