Every Word Counts

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Do you think you really connect and communicate with your friends? Are you really being honest with eachother? Consider being open hearted, what would that feel like?

Every Word Counts

I recently took part in a course that focussed on communicating from the heart. I experienced

it as a very powerful concept and enjoyed practising the different aspects of living what I had


I enjoyed talking with my mum friends about what I had learnt. They were curious about the

concepts and how we could bring this heart centred, non violent communication to our


My joy came as I observed the change in connection we experienced as a group as we began

to explore communication and connection. Suddenly we realised how often we stay

superficial and dare not to reveal our truth. We saw how often we are scared of being judged

by others, or don't want to reveal our vulnerabilities for fear that our nakedness will not be

treated with care or respect.

This was a shock for us, we thought we were a close group of friends. Imagine our dismay

when we realised that for years we had shared information, but not really our hearts?

What could we do to change the way we communicated? How could we re-learn to connect

and listen to each other?

We practised actively listening with all our attention. We switched off phones, made our

meetings a no interruption zone. We made sure we didn't interrupt others with our solutions

or opinions. We made our meetings a safe place to be, where we tried to be conscious to

minimize judgement and maximise empathy.

Is it easy? No! It is amazing to see how many of our communication patterns are ingrained

and habitual. Are we still in process? Yes!

We realised that the most important thing we could do is to have the intention of connecting

and communicating from the heart. We recognise that we will mistakes and fall back into old

patterns, and accept this as part of the process too.

What is the greatest gift? We are getting more and more real with each other. No more

superficial game playing for us. Every word does count, and it's so important to be aware of

what we say.


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I believe in passionate self connection, and the use of meditation and mindfulness to reach a state of stillness. My writing reflects this journey and the interests I have around this.

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