Enjoying God's Delay!

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Prayer is the solution for everything. If we wait for his time sure God will bless us. Enjoy God's delay

Enjoying God's Delay!

Prayer is the solution for everything. We know Hannah in the Bible because she was a prayerful lady and she willingly followed her commitment to God. Hannah later became the Mother of the great prophet Samuel. She was unable to conceive a child. In old times, a childless woman was considered as a failure. God had a plan for her and He kept on delaying her years to bear a child. Though her husband loved her very much he could not understand her pain. She knew that her husband loved her. But his encourage could not comfort her. She was fed up with Penninah's words and insults.

In our lives too, we often face hurts and insults. We cannot do anything but we can choose how to react to their actions towards us. Sometimes our loved ones will not understand our pain because the look at the outward circumstances and conditions. We have to enjoy the loving relationships God has given us. We can change the Self-pity to Hope.

Hannah had a solid reason to be discouraged and remain bitter towards others throughout her life. She shared her husband with a woman who ridiculed her to the core . Her beloved husband could not understand and solve the problem she faced. But she brought her problem where it had to be brought ultimately. Before the Living God! It is very hard to pray when all things work against you. But Hannah knew that a prayer can open the way for God to work. She desperately wanted a child and started bargaining With god. Though it was painful , she promised to God that she will give back the child to God . To serve in the temple of the Lord. All the days of his life. 1Samuel 1:11 says about this vow.

Friends, be careful when you promise and make a vow to God in your prayer. Because He may take you up on it. When you pray for a thing ask yourself " Will I follow the vow and fulfill it if God grants my request? " Because it is Dishonest and Danger to disobey and ignore the vow you made before God. God keeps His promises and He expects you to keep yours. As we know, Hannah gave her only son to God. She did not give up on the vow she made but rather she returned her son to God . Do we present our entire life before our Mighty God? How will we respond at our time to fulfill the vow? Hannah did not tell any excuses. She could have been a possessive mother. But when God answered her prayer she did her part. She discovered that the greatest joy in having a child is to give that child fully and freely back to God.

We all need to learn from Hannah . She was bold and her faith was strong . She faced problem , hurts , pains . But trusted God all the more without accusing and murmuring.Maybe we are going through such a similar state . Maybe we are facing pain and bitterness. Maybe there is no one to understand your mind. Maybe you are not getting the answers for your prayers. Do not give up. Wait before God. Trust Him. He will give you a great blessing! Enjoy His Delay !!! God Bless .


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