Encourage your baby to crawl

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According to experts, crawling is an exercise in coordination and balance that greatly benefits the baby and its development and growth. So not a bad idea for dads try to encourage you to start doing so.

Encourage your baby to crawl

To do this, we propose a few positions and tricks to do them in practice with your baby and so I feel encouraged to begin to crawl:

1. The most comfortable position for the baby is lying face down. Then, you must make the effort to stand up and distribute the weight of his body in his arms and knees. It will help if you put a loop of cushion underneath the body, holding her mother's shoulders. Thus, begin to get used to keeping your arms straight and to force them.

2. Typically, children sit on the floor with legs apart and leaning with hands on the floor also. Hence, the crawling pass easily and quickly. If your baby is quiter encourage it would be nice to start developing the four-legged stance, throwing things on the floor and encouraging him to take that. You must be very aware because in this process, the head is heavy and they can end up on the floor of mouth.

3. When the child has gotten his arms outstretched and support can withstand the weight part of his body, still have a problem and that his bum, with diaper-included, weighs a lot. To help correct this, place your hand on your abdomen and arise. Without the ballast "back" you will see how it is released.

4. It is advisable to put them either a book or a wall near her little feet so that, with the fulcrum, can gain momentum to begin crawling.

5. The process of "imitation" never fails. Get your own mom on all fours, that is on all fours next to the baby begins to crawl, he will certainly want to see and imitate.

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17th Jul 2012 (#)

Here is another reason to ensure that your baby crawls (before they learn to walk) crawling limits the development of dyslexia.

My son, myself, and my mother all simply started walking at 6 to 8 months of age, which everyone commented as being advanced for our age. Problem with this is that we were all dyslexic. The majority of children at my son's dyslexic specialist school also did the same thing. Encouraging crawling from an early age reduces the risk of dyslexia developing.

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