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Dealing with grief at the same time as dealing with behavior problems with my son.

Grief and Love

Last week was emotional for me. It marked the sixth anniversary of my daughter’s death. I still have problems sleeping. I still dream about her. I was already emotionally exhausted when the other shoe drops.

My 5-year-old son has behavior problems at school. He is very loving and sweet. However, at school he would turn into someone not so sweet. One of my sisters’s said it was like he is Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but without drugs. I was so stressed because of his behavior I was having panic attacks.

Luckily he does not legally have to be in a public school so I took him out and we are going to home school for the rest of the year. I always preferred the idea of home school verses public school especially since he has problems being in the rigid school environment.

He was just diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder. I had never heard of it until I started doing research as soon as the school brought up “ADHD and he needs medication” The term popped up as a possible diagnosis instead of ADHD. As a matter of fact many children are incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD when they in fact have sensory processing disorder.

Basically his brain cannot process everything that goes on around him. He gets overloaded and cannot take anymore. That is when he lashes out in very inappropriate ways.

We are going to take the rest of the year to get him started with sensory therapy and behavior modification therapy and see where we are at the beginning of the next school year. (The therapy is really for us adult to learn how to make his world a better place.)

My Mom told me I would feel better as soon as I took him out of school and she was correct. My chest stopped hurting as soon as I signed the withdraw paperwork.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Feb 2014 (#)

Education systems are not generally inclusive. I am sure when your son gets older he will adapt much better. Good move Katharina, I wish you well - siva

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author avatar Retired
11th Feb 2014 (#)

Hope things get better for you soon. (((Hugs)))

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
11th Feb 2014 (#)

Both my boys have ADHD and went to public scholls and the calvary you have go through. At teh end these children are the most smart and lovalbel and sweet. Dont give up and patience is a virtue. Boys my sons one will be a Meadi animator and the youngest is going at college as a Physiscs and Math major. Hang on. our prayers and thoughts for your daughter.

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author avatar peachpurple
7th Jun 2014 (#)

praying 4u

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author avatar Katharina
27th Aug 2014 (#)

Thank you everyone. I ended up taking out of school for the rest of the year. We are starting Kindergarten over with a new teacher that has personal experience with the problems my son is having. It is early days yet but so far so good.

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