Elderly Care

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A story of how we can care for the elderly. One day we will be in the same situation and will need help.

Elderly Care

As children we were cared for, we were given food to eat, clothes to wear, our health care, education, relatives, friends and a church family. We saw our parents work hard, attend meetings, go to church potlucks and many other activities. We saw our parents laugh, cry, walk and enjoy so much out of life. We never dreamed that one day our parents would one day need our help.
When that day comes, everybody reacts in different ways. Some will ignore the problem. They feel if they ignore what is happening, that it will not happen, or that it will go away. Other families will work together to care for a loved one. As long as everybody works together, this method of care can work very well. It only takes one person to upset the whole plan. When one person will not help out, or does not show up, that puts more of a burden on the rest of the family.
Many times when a parent needs care, this means that changes have to take place within the whole family structure. Husbands and wives have to work together to keep the house running smoothly. Any children who are old enough to drive, have to pitch into help out with chores, or pick up and take younger siblings to events. Unless the family can work together to care for an elderly loved one, then another plan needs to be implemented.
If the loved one is still able to do some things for themselves, they could go into an assisted living environment. This frees the family up to do what they want to do. The person who needs to have some help once in a while, or needs to be checked on is in an environment in which there are people around to check on them. The family can still visit their loved one, however they both are free to live their lives the way they feel comfortable in doing so.
When the loved one is to the point where they are unable to care for themselves, and the family is unable to care for them, the nursing home is the best option. A nursing home is not something that people want to admit they have to do for a loved one. Once families decide it is there only option, they put their loved one in the nursing home with as many of their belongings as they can.

Elderly Care

Families react differently when a loved one has to go into a nursing home. Some will not come to visit at all. They may call to get a report and that is all they will do. Other family members will come into visit once a week. While they are there, they will complain about everything the staff is doing. Nothing is right at all for them and they make themselves and everyone around them miserable. Instead of enjoying a time with their loved one, they find fault with everything and everyone.
There are families who come to visit their loved one in the nursing home, who will ask for a few things, once they have them, they close the door, have a meal together, rearrange things in the room, and laugh and talk with each other. Sometimes these families will take their loved ones out for a meal, or take them home or just take them for a drive to get them out of the nursing home for a short while.
No matter if a loved one has to be looked after, families can make the whole experience as good or bad as they want, with the type of attitude they have towards the situation. It is not easy to see your parents going downhill, however, making their life as happy and free of stress for them and yourselves, makes the days they have left here on earth much happier for you and for them.


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