Education shapes Change

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Everything change but when it comes to priority, it is important to make those things of high priority which can have impact on future.

Parents, Teacher and Child

Education can play a crucial role in giving direction to change, as it can give shape to the change. For example, kids are like a soft clay and needs proper molding/guidance for everyone's brighter future. Education is one of the main formal way of guiding children. In early years of one’s life, it is the parents and teachers who provide this education. There is a skill in guiding a kid. It is important that teachers should be mature in realizing that partiality among students can have serious negative effects on the kids at the other side. No child is criminal by birth but it is the environment which creates a criminal (though genes play role in ones tendency to resort to criminal acts). Everyone wants their kids to be the best and in their quest a lot of stress is imparted on the kid, sometimes for the fields in which his/her interest do not lies. This results in the development of tension, rudeness, depression, uneasiness, inferiority complex and aggression in the child which further hampers him. It is important that how child is understood and guided, since certain mistakes in early ages can become a grave problem in future.
How to Provide Direction?


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